What is retaliation under Massachusetts employment law

According to Massachusetts law, the word retaliation is defined as; an employer who takes and acts negatively against an employee as a result of the employee performing some form of protected activity. Retaliation is a separate allegation of discrimination, can be found in Massachusetts General Laws in Chapter 151B. The word retaliation is not actually […]

Massachusetts Emergency Threat Suspensions

GL c. 90, Sec. 22 (a) gives the Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Registry ample power to terminate a driver's license indefinitely for violating motor vehicle laws that pose an immediate threat to public safety. Impeachment under the law of imminent threat is determined not to constitute a punishment and, therefore, prosecution and impunity of imminent threat […]

Suspension of Massachusetts Enforcement by filing an appeal or request for preliminary termination

Massachusetts homeowners' efforts to halt foreclosure sales have gained valuable momentum from the Massachusetts attorney general's recent request that lenders and loan officers suspend foreclosures in light of recent disclosures of widespread misuse among financial institutions. The widespread publicity in the media regarding the misconduct of financial institutions offers ammunition for homeowners seeking to stop […]

Massachusetts Salaries, Unique Aspects of Massachusetts Payroll Law and Practice

The Massachusetts State Agency that oversees the collection and reporting of income tax deductions from payroll checks is: Department of Revenue 51 Sleeper St. Boston, MA 02205 (617) 887-6367 (800) 392-6089 (in the country) http://www.state.ma.us/dor/dorpg.htm Massachusetts allows the use of Federal Form W-4 if the exemptions required are the same for state and federal. Otherwise, […]