Stay in bed and breakfast when vacation in Britain

It might not sound like the first choice if you've been visiting Britain for more than a few days, but bed and breakfast might have good value for money. Self-catering food may be an option but then you should worry about getting food, cooking and cleaning, and if you compare the prices, staying at the bed and breakfast might be more economical. Expensive hotels in city centers and although the facilities they offer may be superior, do you really want them all?

If the answer is not really, consider using Bed and Breakfast instead. Aside from fitness facilities, indoor swimming pools, and home entertainment, many of the best bed and breakfasts offer many of the same amenities as a city-center hotel, at some point at a higher level. Most British bed and breakfast establishments provide good, clean accommodation with your private key so you can come and go as you please and a good breakfast to start your day. Many will also offer an evening meal if you arrange them in advance or notice when you want to eat them.

Bed and breakfasts can be found in every town and most villages across the British Isles. They range in size from a single room to allow a house with multiple rooms to rent. Anything over 6 to 8 rooms is strictly categorized as a guesthouse, but the guest and bed operational functions are almost identical. It is a family run establishment where the owner lives in the building and in this sense, they usually have more interest in the luxury and comfort of their guests than a hotel that is part of a larger company.

Use one or more of the best accommodation websites to find the property you want. Most of them will display a wide range of properties in a popular format so you can easily compare with each other. Some will have facilities for Bed and Breakfast videos and the ability to print details. If you are traveling on short notice, use one of the sites that specializes in late and late reservation reservations. It works on the same principle as airline websites and you can get very good rates if you are willing to seize the opportunity.

Do not postpone if the bed and breakfast is not rated by Visit Britain or AA. It is no longer a necessary requirement for high-quality ownership. Finally, the various tourism organizations gathered their work and agreed on a common classification process. Previously visit Britain and AA had different meanings for star ratings and used other symbols such as crowns and diamonds, all of these elements have been canceled and only stars are now valid, so in theory, you should be able to determine which level of bed and breakfast is in the star rating. Grades move from one star to five stars, and the higher the number of stars, the more luxurious the property will be. Having said that, these star ratings are very expensive and must be borne by the property owner every season. While the grading system has a great meaning and is a good guide to the quality of the property, many luxurious beds and breakfasts no longer bother them any more, but they save costs. There is a growing awareness among real estate owners that with the internet, competent sites can display enough images and videos for visitors to be able to assess the quality of the facility and not be concerned about the expensive, sometimes arbitrary degree process. Quality web sites have become affordable for Bed and Breakfast owners, and are cheaper in the long run than visiting yearly fees and fees.


The three distinct types for travelers or tourists

This may sound like weird travel advice, but knowing the type of tourist or traveler you will travel to will help set your expectations and possibly improve your travel adventures. Read the following list of three types of travelers to find out if or where to find a match.

The Leisure Traveler: Usually, they are looking for relaxation or disengagement and do not care much for local flavor or local customs and culture. One can just sit on the beach and relax, read a book, play golf or just rest. She does not oppose foreign websites but is not interested in delving into a new culture. You may only want to recharge their batteries a year ago at the office.

Experimental Traveler: This traveler searches for meaning within other cultures. This traveler has curiosity and inquiry, beneath the outer surface of strange new worlds and seeks to obtain the maximum experience (learning) from some point. Willing to take the risk in order to gain experience, this traveler will have a deep desire to engage in a different culture and find a deeper meaning within it. No expat bars and restaurants of this type!

Experimental Traveler: not only willing to try new things but also actively looking for them. You may search for meaning outside of its current existence and be willing to try (and perhaps fail) to travel to new destinations rather than travel at all. A subset of the experimental traveler is the existential traveler. A person who already finds meaning in a new culture and now wants to engage in it in the long run. It might be a return home to a favorite city or country, or a favorite beach or mountain trip, as you actively reserve for another trip to the same place or even a new destination as an experience. They have already withdrawn from their routine and moved internally to their desired place.

There is room for all forms of tourists in the travel world, but what causes "bad holidays" usually results from a lack of understanding of the type of traveler they are. The leisure tourist may not want to take a guided tour, walk or hike in the mountains and will not be happy if the travel partner forces him. Their partner, in turn, may not want to sit on the beach all day either. When traveling in pairs or groups, others may have to make accommodations so that they can find the extent of their desires. Although travelers to foreign places who do not wish to be actively involved in a new culture may be changing themselves, it should not cause the destruction of an entire trip.

Knowing the type of traveler that should make it easier for you to choose destinations and then enjoy the trip much more because you are preparing your flight for success, not failure.


Flights to Australia 2011 – New offer from Korean Air Lines

The Economy Only promotion includes flights to New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and Guam.

Flights to Sydney start with a cheaper fee of £ 440, and flights to Brisbane and Melbourne are included in the same cost. Taxes. In Australia's offer, the second most important offering on flights to Auckland, New Zealand where passengers will be able to book flights starting from £ 460. Taxes. A similar price range applies to flights to Hawaii and Guam.

Finally, flights to Fiji sell 470 return tickets at the lowest price. Taxes. These rates can be used on departure flights from London Heathrow Airport, UK.

Restricted overseas flights with Korean Air are valid for travel from 01 March to 31 March 2011. However, the sale period for these fares starts from 1 December 2010 and ends on 30 January 2011.

Passengers can stay a minimum of 05 nights to a maximum of 3 months on these tickets. This means that tickets must be booked for return at any time between 5 nights of departure and up to three months. Like other prices, a child pays 75% of the net fee for adults and infants (companions) pay 10% of the adult fee. Although tickets are subject to change in relation to the date, once the ticket is issued, all changes to the date are charged at £ 130.00.

All of these prices do not include taxes, and an additional charge of £ 55 must be paid in each direction. Plus, if you are ready to stay in amazing Seoul, you can book a stop for £ 90. With the Korean airline moving from London Heathrow to Australia via Seoul, the capital of Korea, there can be a temporary stopover paid by the carrier, as the airline provides a free stopover in the absence of a day flight. STPC in Seoul is provided in one direction only on chips with no valid connection on the same day. You must contact Curie Airlines with the STPC order once the ticket is issued and at least 48 hours before the date of the company request. In the event of incoming date changes, the STPC must be re-ordered by the party that made the change (travel agent or passenger). Hotel rooms will not be provided for transit passengers arriving in Seoul without prior confirmation from STPC, according to Korean Air.


Travel online and share time

The term "StationationIt is a paradox in itself. It has the word “be” in it, which is the opposite of all in the other half of the word leave, which means spending time away from home. However, combining both terms brings out a new meaning, something that many do Of people these days, which is to get some semblance of vacation during the stay .If the trip to another side is annoying, or when the weekend getaway at the beach costs an arm and leg, spend the day in a place close to the house, or in a suitable place including Sufficient could be the best option.

Since residence has become a new way to spend free time, it would be wise to start investing in timeshare. Whether it's for personal use or for business travel online, it will take some time before this trend is outdated. A timeshare property is a place or resort that allows investors to purchase ownership of this property for a period of time. Clients can either own a property for a specific period of each year, or if they have more than one property, the rights can be extended to those sites as well. Moreover, timeshare features are not limited to resorts and hotels. This is also an option for luxury condominiums or vacation homes.

In fact, people like to stay in this place, especially if the amenities are great, and the other option will either settle their bank accounts or reduce the vacation period due to the long travel time. Because your stay in the timeshare feature is "prepaid", you won't have to spring for money every time you think about going away. The cost of staying in the timeshare property is much lower than renting a hotel room or space in another resort. Although the term itself is alarming because you think buying part of a property is really expensive, this is how it really works: Instead of buying the property yourself, you can share the property with many other people so that you can stay there for a set period each year.

Another thing to consider about timeshare is the type of stay it provides. Sure, you can check our low holiday packages online if you are good at booking discount holidays. However, if you know your way around a business trip online, you'll know that investing in timeshare properties is the best way to do it. Discount holidays offer you low rates, but at the expense of the quality of your accommodation. With time sharing, on the other hand, you own a portion of this resort, hotel or condominium, which is why staying there without having to pay so much does not mean that you have to cut corners about the quality of your vacation. Investing in timeshare actually gives you a higher level of residency – if not the highest, it is at least a higher level than most discount holidays can offer.

Investing in timeshare also gives you a guarantee that you have a place to stay or spend your vacation for at least a week every year. Time sharing is usually recorded in a public record, so it not only outperforms the shaded nature of some travel packages, but also means that you have property rights in that specific lifetime property, provided you pay annual fees on time. You even offer yourself an advantage when you invest in timeshare – if you are the type who is very nervous when it comes to work, it will be as if you are leading yourself to spend at least a week off vacation by owning timeshare.

Investing in timeshare offers a lot of benefits, as mentioned earlier. If you compare it to the amount of money you spend on vacations every year, you will still get a better deal on timeshare. It doesn't really matter whether you are looking for personal use or for commercial travel purposes via the Internet. The important thing to note is that it is a worthy investment, and perhaps the smartest place to put your money in it.


Choose vacation rentals to add value to your vacation

Planning your holidays? You must be very excited to get some time off of your crazy life pace, right? One of the most difficult parts of planning your vacation is finding places to stay at your destination. With so many hotels in different budget ranges at your disposal, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing one of them. However, hotels do not give you a personal experience or flexibility to cook your meals. It is also very expensive when you book as one package as it includes your food and other service charges. This is where vacation rentals come as a big blessing to you. What and how are they useful? Read on to find out more about this.

the meaning

Vacation rentals are similar to serviced apartments where owners rent their homes to tourists in different destinations. Unlike hotels, these homes are fully furnished and give you a lot of flexibility, where you can cook your meals, watch TV, relax well and check-out at a time that is convenient for you. Owners of these homes may or may not reside near their places of vacation.

Advantages of choosing vacation rentals

1. Comfortable atmosphere

The atmosphere in these holiday homes is simply incredible. You feel staying at home because you don't have to deal with runaway hackers, loud music, or any kind of non-disciplinary behavior that you may have to try from other guests if you have stayed in a hotel. In addition, you are treated as family members by the owners of these homes, making your vacation an unforgettable experience for you.

2. Full privacy

One of the main advantages of choosing vacation rentals is that it gives you complete privacy to enjoy a deserved holiday with your near and dear ones. You can access the whole house and its associated facilities like gym, pool and the like. You don't always have to share these resources with other guests like you in hotels. Do you want to enjoy your dinner in the garden? Cook your meals the way you want, bring delicious food in the garden and have fun with your family – and this is something you will never be able to do in a hotel or resort.

3. Cost-effective

Vacation homes do not charge you. The hotel charges are prohibitive because you bear the costs for your rooms, infrastructure, and facilities, regardless of whether you use them or not. If you are traveling in a large group, you will spend hotel fees on top, as the administration imposes additional fees on double beds, extra beds, children's beds, etc. These problems can be avoided when choosing vacation rentals as your residence option. You are charged a fixed amount based on the length of your stay, and you can have unlimited access to bedrooms, living room and other leisure facilities. This is the best option when traveling as a large family.


Vulcano is racy

Aeolian Islands offers fun 7 times, stands out as one of Sicily's most popular destinations, Vulcano being one of the most popular. Seven islands and seven thousand years of history make the region rich in tales, natural resources and treasures. The island has the legendary "wind guard" name. The islands enjoy an excellent climate throughout the year and because of its nature attract many geologists as well as tourists.

Stromboli (the last officially active volcano), Banaria, Vulcano, Salina, Lipari, Felicode and Alicudi originated from the sea in the Pleistocene era about 40 km from the coast of Sicily and offer 7 times fun to nature lovers, beaches and seafood, relax and spa treatment alike.

Regardless of the magnificence of the fearsome volcano itself and the stunning absolute views presented at its majestic summit, Vulcano itself has other withdrawals, mostly because of its volcanic activity. Black sand beaches are not magical, and Fangi is definitely a nuisance. This area is famous for its sulfur water and just minutes away from the incoming ports (not only to Vulcano itself, but it is a port for entry to all seven islands), and this area is not only comfortable but also beneficial and healthy, with swimming pools of warm yellow slime that can Take a shower in it. Fanghi are large pools of muddy and sulfurous warm waters located just a few minutes' walk from the docks where most boats reach the island or reach the islands themselves. Most boats dock at Vulcano first before making one of the other six islands, and the most popular of course are Stromboli, with stunning views of the mountain itself and its gleaming sunset. Once again, the beautiful black sandy beaches do nothing but wandering with open arms.

After bathing or swimming in pools, it is a good idea to cover and dry yourself with mud, such as a therapeutic face mask or body mask and rinse. Emerge from the feeling of vitality and liveliness and the willingness to experience more of the Aeolian Islands. The thermal springs close to the mud baths themselves are especially attractive because they add warm champagne quality to the sea, like a natural hot tub and are the most therapeutic for anyone suffering from arthritis or muscle problems. As long as the smell of sulfur does not beat you, the entrance fee of 2 euros is a small price to pay for a very relaxing day. It is important for Vulcano to pay attention to your feet and be careful about holes that often fire hot volcanic air less than the fun of anyone wearing open-toed sandals or unfortunate enough to walk over one of them when it explodes.

To get the full package, i.e. what mud baths and hot springs can offer, and then, with a host of service and admiration to boot, staying in the right place is key to enjoying your stay. Therasia Resort is a five star castle presented with a Sicilian touch. It offers diving, snorkeling, boating, water skiing and cruise rental. Therasia brings service and more directly to your door. Also, expert guides on a happy volcano trip are available to take you and your party on a tour to unveil all that Vulcano has to offer.

Cozy locations to savor some fine local cuisine will be nothing but the hotel offers; L & # 39; Arcipelago with its panoramic views and delicious seafood, and Il Cappero with its usual thatched roof and simple cheerful local specialties in a great atmosphere. The hotel also offers 2 bars with an impressive selection of delicious cocktails and special starters offers. Il Gazebo and Il Faraglione are the ideal places to melt before eating a huge Sicilian meal and perfect holes for irrigation to the most exclusive tastes.

Wherever one stays or indulges in local cuisine, finishing, beach scenery, or a cold area, none of these seven islands will be disappointing. In fact, you will capture the scenery, the enslavement of beauty, and everything about these seven islands from the wonders of cooking to service to the scenery of history to geological wonders (both dangerous and curative, from volcanoes to hot springs) no less than muddling, inviting you to experience these islands. Use the call of Elos, the "wind guard" in Greek mythology and find out why these islands are begging you to be their own.


Luxury paradise in Cyprus

Traditionally a luxurious vacation experience with five-star accommodations, the perfect portrait beaches, friendly residents, gourmet cuisine and a wonderful culture is an unbearable dream for many that involves a long journey, exotic location and crazy budget. But on the doorstep of European Dark, Cyprus, the jewel of the Mediterranean that offers lovers of luxury has an abundance of extensive sandy beaches and a host of luxurious activities. Just a four and a half hour journey, Cyprus enjoys all the benefits of a luxurious vacation experience at affordable rates. Amathus Hotels has developed the following guide, to help luxury lovers find the best of Cyprus.

Spa treatments and pampering, ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Many luxury hotels in Cyprus offer a wide range of treatments designed to calm your mind and embody your soul. From a 30-minute massage to relieve your tired legs after a day of sightseeing, or a full pampering session including full body paint, Swedish massage and hydrotherapy bath, you can find it. Why not feel relaxed together and treat a couple where you and your partner can enjoy a massage or face-to-face side-by-side. If you feel really adventurous, you and your boyfriend can have a romantic hydrotherapy bath for two to relieve your stress together! Remember these tips after treatment: Make sure you are completely hydrated after any spa session with a cup of water or herbal tea and stay out of the sun for at least a few hours if you have any type of face.

Yacht charters will make Cyprus an unforgettable experience. It's easy to rent your own yacht in Limassol or Paphos, with many operators providing services in the area; you can even push the boat out and have a party for friends and family on a cruise along the waters of Cyprus. You can sail from the old port of Limassol to find the perfect romantic setting, and the captain leaves it to enjoy the sunset while drinking champagne and wake up to a new continental breakfast before sailing to the mainland. Specially designed week-long programs are also available for those looking for a longer experience.

If you want to try new places with great bird views, the ideal activity is to ride a helicopter around the island. If you're not afraid of hikes, plan an unforgettable trip, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and landscapes that you can only experience from above.

If you want to inject more luxury into your Cyprus experience, then why not miss arrival from the airport to your hotel by Limo. There are many companies that you can contact to get different services, whether you need limousine hire, airport transfers or sightseeing tours.

Other places to visit

If all of the above is not enough to make you book your flights now, there are some additional ideas to make the trip more attractive.

Cyprus has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches. Spend a day full of sunlight while reading well the novel that you had started. If you are planning to stay in a luxury hotel in Paphos, here are some beaches that you might want to explore. North of Kato Paphos is Pharos Beach, which is a sandy beach with some sandstone rocks. Further out is Kissonerga Bay. It is a quieter beach with banana plantations by its surroundings, and is ideal for a quiet day out. To the north remains Coral Bay, the region's most popular sandy beach. If you don't have enough beach for a day, you can always have a romantic dinner in the beautiful areas of your hotel, then walk by the moonlight on the beach.

Finally, Cyprus is full of history everywhere it revolves. While you are there, you must take a sightseeing trip for at least one day to indulge in the local culture. Limassol Hotel boasts two fortresses, the Kalossi Castle dating back to the 1200s and the medieval Limassol Castle where Richard married the Lionheart at the church of this site in 1911. Visit Paphos and indulge in Roman architecture. There is a wonderful mosaic in the western part of Kato Paphos, which I discovered in 1962 that there is more than 2000 years of Roman history to accommodate. In the hot summer months, you can enjoy a theatrical evening or orchestra performances at Roman Odeon.

So we have a little, luxurious taste of lifestyle that you can experience with a vacation to Cyprus. It will be a truly unforgettable experience if you choose the right place to stay as well as the right activities.


What is an external massage? Things you may want to know about outdoor massage

If you are new to spa or massage therapy, you may be wondering about the type of outdoor massage. Why is he getting popular nowadays? And it definitely has its own advantages.

An external massage is a type of massage in which the therapist goes personally to the customer's place, rather than the client receiving a massage at the spa or massage center.

This is the easiest way for most customers especially if they live a busy life. An outdoor massage is also suitable for clients with health problems at home, and less susceptible to disease.

By the above definition, other common terms are: home service massage, home massage, on-site massage or portable massage.

Today, many therapists who perform this type of massage procedure usually go to client homes, hotel rooms, and corporate offices. They will bring massage tables and other necessary tools and equipment. Of course, the tools depend on the type of massage the customer requested.

Due to the fact that massage therapy sometimes mixes with the sex industry, therapists who provide external massages are very careful and very clear with their clients.

When a customer calls to make an appointment, the therapist will ask the following questions (but not limited to) to obtain more details to ensure that there are no inappropriate services expected from the customer.

1) Is this the first time that a customer calls?

2) Who indicates or where did the customer hear about the processor?

3) How long is the session that the client desires?

4) Does the client prefer female or male treatment?

5) What kind of massage does the client want?

6) When does the client want a massage?

7) Where does the client want a massage?

At the end of the call, the wizard will determine the rates, and after the customer's approval, he or she will arrange the transfer to the customer's location. Most of the time, the real therapist may remind the customer that sexual services are not provided.

In some cases, the massage therapist will only provide outdoor massages at home to trusted regular clients, or to clients recommended by other therapists.

External massage sessions require that the massage therapist allocate a large amount of travel time and session preparation time. Therefore, the quoted prices are usually higher, and some charge twice the amount. This is because the therapist has a factor in travel time, preparation, takeoff time and personal service, as well as wear and tear on his vehicles and equipment. The transaction is preferable in cash.

Hope you have a great understanding of outcall massage now. Why not pick up the phone, check out your local list and call one number to receive a pampering session.


Australian attractions – looking forward to the great escape

Australia is home to some glistening rivers and oceans, great wildlife, magnificent mountains, enchanting landscapes, sparkling waterfalls, and some idyllic beaches. So it is not at all surprising that there are many tourists in this country who want to take a look at some Australian sights. With more travelers, there is also plenty of Australian accommodation to cater to everyone's budget and taste. As there are no dearths of Australian tourist attractions in the country, the list below is some of the best this exciting country has to offer:

Sydney Opera House

Whether you are interested in theater, dance or music, Sydney Opera House offers them all. This is actually among the leading cultural sites in Australia and displays hundreds of different shows throughout the year. You can also attend a tour here. You will see many rooms at the Sydney Opera House and you are surprised to note that there are more than 1000 rooms in total.

Blue mountains

This amazing natural habitat has been an Australian attraction for years. This makes the destination a perfect tourist destination thanks to its magnificent views, exceptional bush views, countless gum trees, exciting outdoor activities and a relaxing place to eat. Here you can find some blue fog, which gave the mountains its current name, is the product of the fine greasy mist that eucalyptus exudes.

the great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is home to many multicolored marine life and is among the natural wonders of the entire world. It includes the largest group of coral reefs in the world, comprising 400 different types of coral reefs, 1500 species of fish and 4000 species of mollusks. It also includes more than 200 species of birds. The Great Barrier Reef is also listed as one of the World Heritage sites and is a major Australian attraction.


Uluru is popularly known as Ayers Rock. It is an impressive interconnected sandstone building and the main tourist destination in the country. It stands more than 1,000 feet above the surface of the desert. Ayers Rock is very mysterious and is a dramatic symbol of Australia's indigenous heritage. The unique scenery consists of mineral-rich sandstone. This is a sacred place for Australia's indigenous tribes, and it also has a deep spiritual meaning. Another interesting feature of this huge structure is that this rock changes color every day. It becomes purple or black when wet and if sunny, it appears red or orange. You can actually climb Uluru and that's another reason why tourists flow here every year.

Kata Tjuta National Park

This is the staircase of a large crowd in all of Australia. This lies only about 32 km to the west of Uluru. There are 36 domes of Kata Tjuta, also known as Olgas. These domes cover about 3,500 hectares, and Olga's mountain, the highest number, rises to an impressive altitude of 500 meters. This site is also sacred to the indigenous people. There are over 150 species of birds here, and many amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates have been spotted in this park.

Australia accommodation

Among visiting Australian attractions, you will also need a place to rest. There are different types of accommodation in Australia that you can choose from. You should feel your residence in Australia is right for you because you will spend a lot of time there too. Some of the Australian accommodation types here are motels, hotels, hostels, apartments, cottages, caravan gardens, resorts, guest houses, a comfortable bed and breakfast as well as farm stay. Once you find the perfect place, there is nothing to stop you from seeing the unusual Australian tourist attractions because you really own a perfect home away from home.


Reasons to choose a villa for your vacation


The villas are not too expensive to rent as people think, and a positive comparison with the cost of the hotel, especially when all the other advantages of the villa are considered.

Typical hotel rooms will have one bed or two beds, with a maximum occupancy 4. The villa can accommodate more people, and for large parties, the cost for this can spread over the party, which means that the cost per person can, in some cases, be cheaper than Hotel accommodation.


With your own space in the villa, people are less likely to bother you in the next room, and you will not have people walking in front of your front door all the time, or you should worry about housekeeping, upset by the cleaning crew


Many villas are located in quiet communities, which are characterized by beautiful surroundings. Often there are many families with children as well as vacation homes. The associations of most home owners will ensure that their communal areas are maintained to a very high standard, also in turmoil, so that you are sure of the relaxing time.

Own pool

One of the real perks is, you won't need to share a hotel pool with people you don't know, most villas come with their own heated pool, which means you can enjoy the beautiful Florida rays in peace and quiet, and enjoy a private pool.

More space

In the hotel, you usually have a bedroom and a bathroom. With the villa, you usually have a number of bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and many bathrooms, which means you can really spread and make you feel at home when on vacation / vacation.

a kitchen

If you imagine a quiet night in, rather than a noisy restaurant, or have special dietary requirements, then you have the option to cook your food in most villas. Many of them have fully equipped kitchens, and the open plan of many villas means that no one should be left to cook no matter what everyone else does.


Many villas strive to provide facilities to keep their guests entertained. You will not find some of these things in hotels, or they may be shared with other guests. Examples of the types of facilities you might find in villas are: games rooms with billiard tables, darts, etc., 3D televisions, Blu-ray players, games, and table games.

Do not rely on shuttle buses

Many hotels have free shuttle buses to parks, which can be of interest to villas and save on cost, as you won't need to pay for parking in Disney parks. However, their schedules are very strict, with only a few pickups a day, and sometimes at odd times. So, you may still want to use your car anyway, and you have the option of returning to enjoy the villa at any time.

Number of bathrooms

Many villas have more than one bathroom, which can make a big difference in how long it takes to get ready in the morning, and this means you can go to parks early and have fun-filled activities in your day.