It is now expected that the bitcoin (BTC) mining complexity will be reduced to six days, which will help miners avoid market crashes and record high complexity.

The following adjustment will see complexity, a measure that shows how difficult competition for mining rewards has fallen by 5.8%, the biggest decline in nearly five months – by -7.10% since November 8, 2019, according to estimates of Bitcoin home. Mining Pool. Ten days ago it was determined that the following adjustment would increase the mining complexity to 7% by 17.71 tonnes.
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Since November, has had only two drops, less than 1%. Its decline is, as it is now determined, BTC mining difficulty at 15.60 tonnes, where it was in February. However, the number may be even lower, as they are now being constantly evaluated.

BTC Mining Complexity and Hasrat, or the computing power of the Bitcoin network, both reached new heights in early March, with mining complexity rising by 6.88% and eventually falling in the 16 T range.

Speaking of Hasat, though it has risen from 110.86 EH / s to 118.40 EH / s ten days ago, it is now at 99.70 EH / s, down 16%. Since the first day of this year it is not below 100 EH / s.

Mining profitability declined and reached its low point. From March 6, mining profitability began to dive even further, from $ 0.152 / USD to $ 0.152 / USD 0.0693, a 54% decline.


Protect yourself from bed bugs

Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals, including humans and pets. Their eggs are very small, the size of a poppy. Its larvae are the size of a grain of rice. Adults are about a quarter of an inch long, reddish brown, and somewhat flat. They live in dark cracks, such as those in mattresses and bed frames. To date, it is not known to spread diseases.
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Bed bugs suddenly became an epidemic. Adults are easy to kill, but their eggs are more resistant. Adults can live for a year without feeding, nymphs only 2-3 months. After World War II, the problem of these annoying insects disappeared in America. why? Because of using DDT. Since then, DDT has been banned. De. MTV is in America, but it is still used in many third world countries.
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Global travel, flea markets and second-hand merchants allowed bed bugs to spread. Some have asked if we can only get rid of DDT. De. T to briefly restore the bed bugs again. According to the CDC, the errors we are currently facing come from countries that still use DDT. De. It does not absorb more blood, it is more difficult to kill and fight DDT. De.
When traveling, you should take precautions to prevent bed bugs from spreading. How do you do this? Examine your hotel room carefully upon arrival. Pull out comforter, pull up panels, check panels, mattress, headboard, and any dark cracks. You are looking for rust colored stains. Check any furniture in the room. These little bad mistakes love to travel, and can be found in furniture, behind headboards and picture frames, along panels, even in electrical outlets. Leave your luggage in the car until you spray the hotel room with the essential oils to flush it out.
all inclusive
Bed bugs do not just stay in hotel rooms. They are found in the metro and rental cars, too. It is not necessarily a sign of filth or neglect. They are very travel-friendly and can withstand a wide range of temperatures; they adapt quickly to their environment and are excellent in elusive pest control specialists. They can be spread through pipes, riding obstacles or in vacuum cleaners, clothes, and luggage. It can be anywhere!
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If you rent a pesticide, be sure to research the chemicals you will be using. Also note that they will need to make several trips. I have done some research looking for effective natural insecticides and there are few of them, you will actually need to search for them to find them, but you really want to do that because the main place where you will hit the pesticide is your bed and you will be lying down and sleeping in everything they use. Avoid insecticides and therapies that contain permethrin and pyrethrins, which are common ingredients that can cause severe skin irritation. Some believe that it causes cancer with prolonged exposure.
There are alternatives to pesticide. The use of essential oils has proven effective in tests conducted at several universities in Utah. A word of caution, these tests have shown in all areas that only approved therapeutic, pure and effective essential oils have a long-term effect on bed bugs. Be Young is a brand, and EOBBD certified essential oils are the strongest on the market in the US today. All of the tests that have been proven successful.
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Eucalyptus has historically been used to repel bed bugs and has been used with great success. Native Americans repelled these insects and lice, drawing on pine needles and rice flakes in their mattresses. The Copaiba tree in Brazil protects itself from infection by insects through resin. This resin is used and distilled to create the glomerular essential oil. These three essential oils can be combined to create a bed bug spray.

Super bed bug spray

10 drops of cupayba essential oil

6 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops Cedarwood essential oil

Mix with 4 ounces of fine filtered water in a dark glass bottle. Do not mix with distilled water. Shake well, mattress, mattress, headboard, etc. If you spray directly errors, you will need about 30 seconds to die. If you spray it indirectly (meaning it is in the room you just sprayed), it takes about 15 minutes to die. You can also spread this mixture (just combine oils and leave water out) to clear the room. Make sure you treat the entire house, if you know you have an invasion in one room, you will likely get more exposed. Spread your mixture for 5 minutes, then stop it for 20, 5 minutes. To cleanse a hotel room you suspect might spread for 20 minutes, 20 minutes, then run in three cycles, then do 1 minute and 20 minutes. It will keep your room bug free. If you have a major challenge in bed bugs, you can charge this formula by adding 6 drops of oregano essential oil. Once the bugs are removed, sprinkle the essential oil blend of the bed bug on the linens when changing, you may want to recycle and use the Spice for Life Be Young Essential Oil Blend or Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil so that things don’t get boring, too many guests repel non Little invitees.

You can also choose to create bed repellent bags. To do this simply buy some empty bags or tea bags. Fill cornstarch, baking soda, or Starflake salts (pure tree salt, produced by Be Young). Then add about ten drops of your bed bug mix. Connect a bag to every corner of the mattress with a safety pin. This will create a relaxing scent to enhance your sleep and will repel insects so that they do not crawl on you. If you are traveling this is an added bonus. After your night’s rest, throw these bags in your luggage. Any hiking errors will quickly clear your luggage or die!

When washing linens, add 5-10 drops of your bed bug mixture, mix Spice for Life or even camphor only for the wash water. This will kill any bugs or their eggs that may be on your bed. According to my internet research, you want to use hot water when you wash. It seems that these errors are not fond of the sauna.

If you’ve been bitten, apply Lavender oils or a blend of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils to wilt to help cleanse and kill bacteria and reduce swelling. If you have pain in the biting area, apply a mixture of Helichrysum, Lavender and Geranium essential oils to the area.

A girl in Texas was nesting bed bugs in her hair. Her mother called Dana Clay Young in Bi Young’s oils to find out what to do. He gave her the bed bug formula formula; she made it, and added a few drops to her shampoo and after using one the insects had died.

Make a mixture of bed bugs with essential oils, spray your room, and perhaps add some bug repellent bags to the corners of your bed, and you can rest assured that you can sleep tightly and not let the bed bug bed.


Why holiday insurance is important

Every year, millions of people go on vacation all over the world, and they are almost completely uninsured while doing this.
Just because this sometimes happens, but more common studies indicate that it’s one of the following:

  • Try to save a few dollars on vacation costs
  • Not knowing what errors can happen and how much it costs if something happens
  • Assuming it is usually wrong that someone else’s coverage is
  • Thinking that ” It will never happen to me “.

Saving Money
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In a sense, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. This states that you have appropriately weighed the risk factors and decided that the small amount that you would normally save is worth the risk of spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the event of an error.
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If this is your decision though fair enough – and let us all hope you are lucky.

to be aware
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The decision to save money without knowing the risks is dangerous.

For example, suppose you stay with your family in some luxury vacation accommodation. You may not have been lucky and managed to break the ankle, which means you cannot go home with them for two days.
Therefore, you lost your flight and you will need another flight. Maybe a family member stayed with you to help you travel home in time. Finally, it will cost another flight plus extra nights at the hotel.

Before you close, you may face a bill with thousands of dollars. You are Of course You do not need insurance?

Another person covers you

This is often heard in the context of people’s thinking, for example, that a family’s coverage of their personal belongings will also cover things like their belongings and belongings during the vacation.
trivago flights and hotels
Well, you may not count on it! This is not something you want to discover if it is said that your luggage has been lost or stolen and that you are only claiming your family policy to be told that your claim is invalid because your goods were outside your property boundaries.
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The moral here is clear. Never make assumptions about what any existing policies may cover. Instead, check if you are in doubt, contact the policy provider and ask them.
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If you think about it, there will be no travel insurance if other current policies have already provided such cover to the policy holder.
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There is a small variable here despite the automatic travel insurance that is sometimes available from financial institutions or credit card companies. This may be fine but remember to read the cover details carefully. If this service is free, it is very likely to be limited in its protection.
It will never happen to me

In the UK in 2015, nearly 500,000 vacation insurance claims were paid from the travel insurance industry.
flights booking
If this does not convince you that travel problems are not just a rare occurrence, then nothing will happen.
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Accidents, flight delays, theft, cancellations for personal reasons and injuries – these things happen. Although we all hope this does not happen to you, it is worth asking yourself the question just how do you handle if this is the case and you don’t have insurance to help?
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Perhaps you are a naturally lucky person and have no doubt that your luck has someday won when you end on vacation. If you are not completely convinced of this, it may be worth thinking again about travel insurance.


The next level of marketing – multi-level marketing

If you’ve ever dreamed of running your own home business, whether on a full or part-time basis … and you’re good with people but have very little business knowledge, MLM might be for you. This is especially true if you have minimal start up cash.
MLM companies provide a product or service to the consumer via a network of “independent” dealers, who usually work from their home country.

Reputable franchise companies also provide a low start-up cost, all the training you need, advertising in one form or another, and provide you with a product or service portfolio for sale. It also allows you to recruit other distributors and form commissions on their total sales.
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However, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission warns anyone against joining the MLM company that pays you for each distributor you assign, rather than paying a commission on the total sales that it produces. This is called & # 145; Pyramiding & # 146; and illegal.
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The United States of America FTC also encourages you to conduct a comprehensive search for franchise company before signing the dotted line, and not to sign anything under pressure, but instead, it takes some time to look at all the details. You can view the web page of multi-level marketing caution at: ( On this page, they also list seven tests that you must take before deciding whether or not to join.

Research is always an important component of any commercial venture, and the exception of a distribution company with a MLM company is no exception.

Searching the Internet under & # 147; multi-level marketing & # 148; will return a recipe for results ranging from government agencies, public information websites, and encyclopedia type sites, to a group of disaffected ex-distributors. People representing MLM websites don’t write about it because they are usually very busy building their network.

The good side

Here are some of the benefits of finding a reputable franchise company:

They have a well established and highly marketable product or service line, and strive to improve or add to the current assortment.

Hiring new distributors will be a simplified process and the company will not participate in Pyramiding.

– As a company, they will have a proven track record and good work ethics.

– Experience will not be required. Good franchises provide individual training, as well as motivational seminars and a full set of training materials. After all, in multi-level marketing, when each one succeeds.

– A reputable franchise company will be a “family” rating, meaning that raw behavior is not tolerated.

They will present an excellent reward plan with many incentives for those who excel.

Well-established MLM companies must be able to provide you with resource materials to assist you not only in product sales but in employment

– They will have a minimum startup fee.

Powerful support system.

– You will be led by an example.

– Healthy team competition.

There will be a successful business and marketing plan that can be successfully replicated by others, assuming they apply themselves to the plan and have the drive to succeed.

There will be the possibility of a full-time or part-time commitment.

Sure, these features belong to an ideal multi-level marketing company, but not all reputable companies excel in all of these areas. Some companies will be better in certain areas than others. Do research on the company. Don’t accept the motivational noise most franchise companies use for hiring.

Some MLM distributors are so highly trained that they have a return of almost every statement or concern it. This will be considered “high pressure” & # 146; invitation to join. You can always spend time to calm down, especially if you are passionate about what you heard. Sit down on your decision for a while and do research. If the company is good, it will stay there when you wake up tomorrow; and yes, you will receive a follow-up phone call.


While the MLM model can be a great tool for achieving what you want in life, it is important to mention the downside.

– It’s easy to get “Socket” by a suspicious franchise company. Do your research.

– If you plan to develop a network of ‘downline’, it will cost you more money than you realize and will take you longer than you think. Although this is simple compared to the cost and time required to start a traditional business. You will spend a lot on the resources and training materials that you will eventually end up distributing to your potential clients.

You might spend a lot of money on fuel for your car, meals outside, hotel rooms, or neck surgery to sleep in your car.

Some companies insist on the minimum monthly order to maintain your distribution.

Some companies only pay you to hire other distributors, not the total sales volume. Beware, as this is called & # 145; Pyramiding & # 146; illegal in most countries.

Although you may initially lead to the belief that products sell themselves and that you can make a lot of money with a little effort, beware. Most companies, whether traditional or online, or MLM, use a lot of energy and effort to make them succeed. Consider a missile: 60 80 only uses 80% of the fuel to lift it a few inches off the ground.

Be prepared for a lot of rejection. About 80% of the people you call will reject you.

– It’s easy to indulge in a dream & # 145; over-spending because & # 147; winners always find a way. & # 148; It is also easy to press & # 145; willingly & # 146; spend beyond your means.

The career of your life can become so easily, that everything is centered around it. Some distributors refuse to attend family weddings, etc., because it is on the same date as their franchise seminar.

Also, like most companies, when you start, you’ll spend more than you do.

Final judgment: Most business owners face the question, “How much will I be able to prepare and lose if that doesn’t work?” This is the question you should ask before entering into multi-level marketing.

And of course, what do you want from life and what do you want to do to get it?

If you enjoy helping others succeed in order to be successful, you are ready to take risks associated with working in yourself, even on a part-time basis, and you are willing to put in long days, then multi-level marketing may be the tool you are looking for to achieve your business goals and life.

Here to succeed!


Human trafficking is America's problem, too

Human trafficking occurs more than people realize, and it is a growing global problem. Not only do women buy and sell, but children as well as men. Their lives are completely taken away from them, and they will carry mental scars of experience forever even if they manage to save it.

Can you imagine the terror that a child (or anyone) will feel trapped in the human trafficking world? The methods used to force these innocent people to comply are threats to harm them (with hunger, violence, etc.) and / or their families. Although there are laws in place to try those who sell people for money, governments around the world are struggling to find all those who must be persecuted.

There are places on the Internet, such as the government's FBI website, to find services that help victims and provide a place to report trafficking. Did someone force you out of a debt using threats to harm you or your family? This is a form of human trafficking. Taking someone's passport, birth records or other identification documents to carry out sexual acts can be considered human trafficking.

Many services are available to assist victims, whether they are from the United States of America or another country, to provide clothing, housing, food and medical services through specialized victim programs. The Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution states that no person or servitude may be enslaved except when punished for a crime they have committed.

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act 2000 specifically allowed foreign victims to obtain temporary legal status in the United States. But how are international (and local) victims identified and assisted? What are the signs that someone may be forced into human trafficking?

How are the living quarters – are they free to come and go, are there bars on the windows, cameras watching their rooms? Is there an impossible income, or just advice? Do they have a pimp? How is their behavior – their mental and emotional health? Do they act too afraid to ask the police issue and avoid eye contact? Now how is a person's general health – do they appear to be underweight, denied medical help or show any signs of physical abuse? Do they have control over their money and personal IDs (such as birth registration and passport) and any property?

The Polaris Project showed that, on December 31, 2015, the following information was from the National Center for Human Trafficking Resources (all fifty states):

  • The call center received 21,947 calls

  • Web Forms 1535 (online form)

  • 1,275 emails

  • Be free text line 1,472 SMS messages

  • There were 5,973 cases of the above mentioned references that were potential cases

  • 252 cases were abroad

  • More than 1,600 survivors survived seeking help, representing a twenty-four percent increase from 2014

Looking at the total number of cases from December 31, 2007 to December 31, 2015, they are high due to a total of 6,089 web forms, 7,303 emails, and 101,933 calls made. The first three types of sex trafficking places are commercial places, front brothels, hotel / hotel headquarters, residential brothels, and three of the most important labor trafficking industries are domestic work, travel sales crews, and catering / catering services. There were 25677 cases while there were 24,920 cases with high indicators and 5333 cases with moderate indicators which means that there is more than one indicator or it is similar to trafficking scenarios.

It is estimated that 1.2 million children are forced into human trafficking and every ten minutes, a woman or child is forced into human trafficking. It is estimated that there are 270,000 in industrial transactions, 200,000 in countries' treatment while at any time there are 2.5 million as a result of human trafficking.


Love is not love – on Shakespeare's Sonnet 18, however

The Sonnets 18 and 116 are two of Shakespeare's most popular love poems. If you are a fan of wedding parties, bathroom full of flowers or Kate Winslet Sensation and sensitivityYou'll probably see the lines, "Shall I compare you to Summer Day?" And "Love is not love / who changes when he finds change." The problem with quotes, however, is that they lack context. Let's take a quick look at Sonnets 116 and 18. You might be surprised to find that one of these "love" poems is unlike the other.

Sonnet 116

Let me not marry real minds

He recognized the obstacles.

This is Shakespeare’s equivalent to saying “mom word” to ““ speak now or forever hold your peace. ”A little bit of a marriage ceremony. In fact, Shakespeare won't even admit a word "Constraints" of the line that talks about marriage. Love: 1; obstacles: 0.

… love is not love

Who changes when he finds the change,

Or bend with the remover to remove:

In other words, he's not the one who pulls out any of this "crap".

No no it is a constant sign ever

To look at the storm and not shake.

PSH, Storms.

It is the star of all the roaming bark,

Who deserves anonymity, although its length is taken.

The star for all the roaming bark? It should be the northern star, which does not seem to be moving from its place in the northern hemisphere. The reason that his "value is unknown" is because the Europeans did not know much about the stars on Shakespeare's Day, and they still feel bitter about the Earth's rotation and everything.

Love is not a lie time, despite the pink lips and cheeks

Inside the curved sickle compass comes:

Love: 2; Rosy Lips and Cheeks: 0. On a side note, remember this is Shakespeare, which means anything 12-year-old probably will be interpreted as bad. Feel free to laugh, therefore, on the old father's "bend" image.

Love does not change with his short hours weeks,

But he carries it even to the brink of torment.

Love: 3; the edge of death: a large goose egg. If love could speak up, he would say "booya" now.

If this is a mistake and I prove it,

I've never been painted, as no man has ever liked.

Did Shakespeare swear an oath on his hair? Words fight them. If you're not sure why, it makes sense when we get to Sonnet 18.

Like Sonnet 116, Sonnet 18 ranks first in Sappy Poetry listings … usually by people who have an explicit meaning rather than an implication. If you've thought about including a Sonnet 18 reading in your anniversary party, the last three lines or so have probably changed your mind. (if I were really Careful reader, the first two will do the trick.) Let's start from the top.

Sonnet 18

Do I compare you with summer day?

You are more beautiful and more moderate:

Widows and orphans how sweet! We think … Sure, let's read it again aloud. Remember to stress each syllable again, like this:

Should I Compare To you to me a sumdid not see day?

You are art More Lovefor any And More Timfor everyate:

Ah ha! Notice how "I" but "you" and "you" are not? sneaky. let's continue.

Violent wind shakes the cherished buds of May,

It does not take long for the summer to wear off:

Can't argue with that.

Sometime it is very hot the eye of the sky rises,

And he often has a golden pale complexion.

And every fair of decline is sometime fair,

By chance, or changing the course of nature untrimm & # 39; d.

Yes yes, we got it – everything in nature fades away. Already refer to that person "you".

And your eternal summer does not fade.

Woohoo! Thy assured! We knew that Shakespeare would come eventually!

And do not lose your possession of this fair exhibition that you are,

We love where this goes.

And death must not be bragged about in its shadow,

good good. Keep it coming!

When you are in the eternal rows to time,

Ah, we have our conditional selves. So let us set the record straight: everything that does not fade, or get ugly or dying business depends on the growth in some eternal lines to time? What does that even mean? Please do not tell us that it has anything to do with the fact that sonnets 1-17 are also known as "reproductive sonnets". If Shakespeare says that the best way to fill all of her good looks is to create hereditary bloodlines, we'll go ahead and reject that second date.

As long as men can breathe, or can see eyes,

Another conditional?!? Well, well: "As long as men can breathe, or you can see the eyes," it's actually a fair amount of time, so we'll let it slip.

Long live this, and this gives life to you.

finally! – Confirm "to you!" But hold the phone: WhatGive you life? Some unnamed "this is"?? Does Shakespeare refer to those eternal lines? To give him a little credit, he might know enough about the rules to use the “these” pronoun when talking about something plural. Dare ask … if "this" is the sonnet itself? Could Shakespeare indicate that being in his work immortalizes you? Are those eternal lines the same sonnet lines? Is the final result emphasized only because it is the end result of Shakespeare's wonderful and timeless poetic skills?

Likely. After all, being Shakespeare is like being a rockstar of Elizabeth type: you can bully on the roads, sleep with groups, get rid of hotel rooms, and you're still my darling in the world. And let's face it: if it fell into history The Cool, maybe I swear your hair too.


California fires – what to do if you are forced to evacuate from your home or work?

Additional Living Expense Claims (ALE)

Here is super important A.L.E. Hint!

Over the past few years, forest fires in the western United States have been horrific, as tens of thousands of people have been displaced from their homes and businesses, and have caused billions of dollars in damage. But what happens when local authorities compel you to assess the time of the fire?

There is coverage in the ALE part of politics! I promise you that insurance companies will not display radio and television ads, while alerting their policyholders to this coverage!

Here's an accurate quote from ISO Homeowners Policy:

“If a civil authority prohibits you from using the“ residence ”as a result of direct damage to neighboring buildings by an insured against the risks in this policy, we cover the additional cost of living and a loss of the fair rental value ….. for no more than two weeks. 1)

On a home owner insurance policy, you'll usually see ALE coverage listed as D. Coverage Sometimes, it's called "loss of use."

Covering the additional cost of living (ALE) is what you think it is. When you have a covered loss that makes the place you reside in inappropriate to live in, and you are required to spend more on regular operating costs than you usually do, ALE coverage pays.

You may read your policy entirely as follows: "Additional living expenses, meaning any necessary increases in living expenses that you incur in order for your family to maintain its normal standard of living."

ALE covers things like:

a. Temporary housing, as in a hotel, apartment or rental house. If you live in a humble home, do not expect the insurance company to pay for the best hotel room in the city. On the other hand, if you live in an expensive house, you must expect the request that the insurance company will pay for the temporary residence of quality and quality. Remember that if you have a mortgage in your home, you still have to pay the mortgage payment while repairing the home. Often the loss is severe and the officer knows you will be leaving your home for weeks or months. The insurance company will save money if you put your family in a hotel for long stays, or in an apartment or rent a house for a short period. In addition to saving money on rent, the insurance company can make advances on the contents, and if you are in an apartment or house, you will have a place to store your new contents, such as furniture, clothes, and kitchen appliances.

B. Washing and dry cleaning. If you have laundry facilities at your residence, the cost of cleaning your clothes will be more. The extra cost is borne by you.

C. Meals. This is where many people abuse it. Sure, if you cannot purchase and prepare your own meals, you will incur higher food prices. But insurance companies will not usually pay for expensive steak dinners and high tabs. You will have to be able to explain your purchases from meals, so do not go abroad. You will have to make a careful estimate of what your family usually spends on food per month. It can definitely include meals you usually buy. Just remember that ALE pays for things that exceed your standard of living. Keep frequent records of your food purchases. If the insurance company places you in a temporary apartment or a competent hotel with a kitchen, he will stop paying for most of the additional meals.

Dr.. Pet boarding costs. Someone should take care of your pets while you cannot live in your home. This is covered.

H. Increase transportation costs for all of your vehicles. Should you pay your children to school, because your temporary accommodations are not in the old school district? This is covered. Should you lead more than to work? Covered. Do you have more driving to doctors, dentists, ballet classes, soccer games, etc.? Cost increase is covered. Did you say keep an infinite record? Most office supply stores have car expense records for sale for a dollar or two. Stop, get one for every car you drive, and write every ride. Keep all receipts for every penny you spend on transport.

F. Rent furniture for a temporary stay. You must have chairs, beds, and other things … even pots, pans, plates and temporary electronic devices. However, don't try to get them to pay for renting a 60-inch flat-screen TV if you have a 27-inch color TV at home.

G. Transportation and storage expenses. Some of your personal property may not be damaged. Some may have been damaged, but the restoration contractor cleans and repairs them. Once cleaned and repaired, it should be stored somewhere before you can go home. Covered.

H. Costs of installing the phone or facilities at your temporary residence. This will include deposits that may be required by utility companies. Don't forget to pick up trash in your temporary spot. Everything is covered. Even cable TV connections will be covered if you have cable at home before the loss.

What if I stay with relatives, and do not incur an increase in rent, and many other expenses shown above? Another scenario is that you simply don't want to continue with the documentation of all the additional expenses. The policy gives you the option to pay "the fair rental value," which is: "the fair rental value for this part of the" residence "where you live is less than any expenses that do not last while the building is not fit to live in."

How much will you rent your home to? this is the question.

You will need to make a comparison of your residence, as was the case before the loss, and the property in the neighborhood that is comparable to you. A good real estate broker can be very helpful in proving these comparable properties and their monthly costs. Once you determine the fair rental value for your home, you should deduct the expenses that do not continue during the recovery period, such as some facilities, garbage pickup, landscape services, or maid services.

Some insurance companies will continue to pay the additional transportation costs, transportation costs, storage of contents and facilities, as well as the fair rental value. Some will make you choose either ALE or Fair Rental Value. Find out from your insurance company what they will do and make your decision.

Go to the website listed in the resources box below and find the Resources tab. Download the ALE worksheet and make as many copies as possible. Use it as a guide to register and record an ALE claim.

If your records and receipts have been damaged in your loss, contact your utility companies, credit card companies and other creditors and obtain copies of the bills of the past few months. You will need these records to confirm normal operating expenses.

Finally: Don't be surprised if the officer or claims examiner tries to cancel some of your legitimate expenses. Don't just accept what the officer says. If these are really legitimate expenses, fight for them! He moved over the officer’s head to his supervisor. Keep fighting. Send them a letter insisting on giving them written denial of any legitimate expenses. Once you have this in your possession, contact the State Department of Insurance (DOI) and register a written complaint. You never know what a DOI complaint has had on your claim.

(1) Insurance Services Office, Inc. CPCU Insurance Policy Handbook, 2005.

Copyright 2008 by Russell D. Longcore


Tourist guide for trips from Lake George, Adirondack

Although there are many important historical monuments in Lake George, there are many important landmarks within an hour's drive, including those in Bolton, Bolton Landing, Ticonderoga and Glens Falls.


Bolton is a short drive from George Village Lake on Route 9N.

Bolton boasts rolling hills and steep mountains, which are part of the Caedroseras chain, and contains 26.7 km of Lake George 44 square miles and most of its islands.

Initially inhabited by prehistoric Woodland Indians, who traveled across Lake George Valley between 10,000 and 5,000 BC, he witnessed the first white man in the image of Father Isaac Jogis and his assistants, who had traveled Indian paths to the lake, thereby May 3046 1646 "Lac du Saint Sacrement" set.

The first settlers were pioneers of New England such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire, who carried their earthly possessions on foot and in the bull caravans and planted their primary roots in what became Lake George Valley. Conflicts and danger lie in the distance between the hostile Indians, the predators, and the battles that erupted in the wars of the French, Indian, and American Revolution.

Farms and families brought brown and stability to the Bolton wilderness between 1786 and 1790. The fields were cleared. Houses were built from logs. Crops, such as grains, wheat, and rye, were cut from the ground, and pine, maple, and fir trees were cut into mills, whose strength was provided by five major groups.

Bolton, who disappeared from Thurman in 1799, and with a population of about 900, disappeared into an independent township. By the end of the nineteenth century, the beauty of the area began to attract tourists, who had multiplied in a number of inns and hotels in the summer, and their accessibility had greatly improved with the introduction of steamer services in 1817 on the lake.

Bolton Landing, a separate small village, was created in the late nineteenth century because its deep waters could accommodate larger steam boats than ever before. Traveling through the lake and railways facilitated seasonal tourism, especially for the wealthy, who were initially frequenting major hotels, but in the end they bought their own plots of lake land. Stretching ten miles from Caldwell to Bolton Landing, she quickly supported the summer palaces, and received their current "Millionaires" rating.

Two sights offer a deeper insight into the area.

Bolton History Museum:

The Bolton Historic Main Museum, located on Main Street and inhabited in 1890 in the 1967 Bolton Church by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, is chartered by the New York State Department of Education three years later on July 31.

“Our mission is to educate city residents and visitors about the history of Bolton, Lake George and the surrounding area,” according to the museum. "The museum displays a wide range of artifacts and regional souvenirs, and we sponsor a series of summer lectures with the Daren Freshwater Institute in Bolton Landing."

The Sagamore:

The Sagamore Resort is a luxurious, abundant lakeside complex with deep historical roots.

Tracing its origins back to 1883, it took the shape of the initial idea when the hotel operator Myron O. Brown was inspired to build an exclusive resort community in Adirondacks. Together with four millionaires in Philadelphia, who spent the summer in sumptuous mansions on the west shore of the lake, he bought Green Island and formed the Green Island Improvement Company.

Serving food for the famous and wealthy ideals, including dignitaries, government officials and international clients, it opened its doors in 1883 and quickly became a social center of Green Island.

It was destroyed twice in 1893 and 1914, and was rebuilt in 1930, but it continued to serve guests like Vice President Richard M. Nixon and Governor Thomas E. Dewey, who chaired the National Governor's Congress of 1954.

However, changing circumstances and customers gradually led to a decline and deterioration of the property, which led to its permanent closure in 1981. But the "permanent" here translated into only two years. To celebrate its centenary, Norman and Lujain of Philadelphia developed, restored, and restored it to its former glory.

"Sagamore Resort is located on Lake George, a historic hotel with a prominent history dating back to 1880," according to the hotel. "The Sagamore has been isolated on a 70-acre private island 60 miles north of Albany, and has hosted families, celebrities and dignitaries alike with the generosity of hospitality created over a century ago by Myron O. Brown. Inspiring location in the heart of Adirondacks, our historic pocket offers elegant accommodation on the shores of the lake, award-winning dining … and a commitment to create great experiences for guests every day.With an unparalleled array of water and earth activities to enjoy in your spare time, The Sagamore is the general Lake George resort, ideal for family holidays and gated weekend holidays Events and unique. "

There are many amenities: 392 rooms at the historic hotel, the inn, the castle, and the Hermitage; a 70-acre island site. Eight restaurants and lounges; 18-hole designer golf course, Donald Ross; Opal Spa and Salon; four tennis courts, fitness center and health lessons; 95.5-gallon infinity outdoor pool. 10,000 square foot entertainment center; 90 minutes cruise on a 72 foot boat, "The Morgan".

Fort Tecondruga

Perhaps the most important and thoroughly renovated scenery in Adirondack is the Ticonderoga Fort, which is located about 40 miles north of Lake George Village via Road 9N.

The land, especially the one that could yield great resources, was the single most important incentive that prompted man to participate in his claim, and England and France did exactly that in North America, each of them seeking to expand his empire and harnessed the timber in which it promised, while Most of them ignore current Native Americans. With their claims came the need to protect them. In the British case, this protection took the form of a series of forts of the Hudson River and in the case of the French, similar fortifications along the waterways linking its fur trade network.

Although the Ticonderoga peninsula, which the French called "Carillon", was located on the outer edge of their land, it was still important, and by the mid-eighteenth century CE, the absolute tranquility of the forests and mountains in the Lake George region often transformed Into human conflict and chaos as the cultivated European powers struggle with one another for domination there.

The need for what was initially called Fort Carillon originated in 1755 after the French were defeated at the Battle of Lake George, prompting the Marquis de Loutpenieri to thwart a potential British invasion on two roads below the headwaters of Lake Champlain and two miles crossing from the George Lake outlet.

The star-shaped fortification, which is located on the La Shute River between Lake George and Champlain and has a winter barracks capacity of 400 men, is the ultimate defense weapon in the eighteenth century. Initially built from reinforced ground stems, it was subsequently fortified with forts facing stones from nearby quarries, and was surrounded by external support structures on the slope below, including a bakery, brewery, ovens, and a brick oven.

Sawmills on the La Chute River enabled logging to build both the fort and boats ("batteaux" in French) that delivered supplies after docking in the northern and southern sidewalks.

Soldiers practiced exercises in Place de Arms, which was surrounded by barracks and four strongholds containing ovens, powders magazines, ice storage areas, basements and cabinets. The defenses surrounding the castles included North and West strongholds and the Mount of Hope battery.

Protected Cities Summer Tent Reserve.

Eli Forbush, a Massachusetts soldier, once commented: "The strength of the fort goes beyond your most exclusive imagination. Nature and art are linked to making it unbearable."

Fort Carillon had not been attacked six times during two wars, and had never suffered a direct hit on its walls, despite the irony twice that it fell when its supply lines could not be maintained.

Among its important historical landmarks, more than 8,000 French, Canadian, and Native American citizens left to attack Fort William Henry, which was occupied by Britain in 1757; approximately 16,000 British soldiers suffered from nearly 2,000 casualties while attacking French sites on July 8 of the following year in what is considered America's bloodiest battle until the Civil War; Lord Jeffrey Amherst led a powerful offensive in 1759, expelling the French, but not until the bombing of its magazine.

Rebuilt with British hands for 16 years, it was renamed "Fort Ticonderoga", which is the word Iroquois that means either "between waters" or "where the waters meet".

Three weeks after the Battle of Lexington and Concord during the American Revolution, Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold, with their militia men in Green Mountain Boys, crossed Lake Champlain from Vermont on May 10, 1775, and carried out a dawn attack on the British who were still sleeping as a garrison in what was considered the first A successful and important American victory during that conflict.

William Ferris Bell, a New York merchant, began to rent the fortress in 1816, then bought the military post four years later. Nearly a century later, Sarah and Stephen Bell started one of America's first restoration projects. It was opened to the public at a ceremony attended by President Taft, and was chosen as one of the first national historical monuments in 1966.

"Discover one of North America's finest collections of material culture for the eighteenth century," the museum attracts. "The art, weapons, and equipment of North America and Europe displayed in the Soldier Barracks exhibition areas document the largest collection of 18th-century artillery in this hemisphere, mounted on the walls of Fort Ticonderoga."

Log Welcome Welcome Center, which overlooks Lake Champlain and Vermont & # 39; s Green Mountains, features evidence, information, and a large gift shop, and Fort & # 39; s America Café, and leads to the actual fortress, where activities include demonstrations, tours, and shootings On musk, cannons, sewing, shoemaking, carpentry, fife and drum toys.

Other attractions include the King's Garden, a 75-minute boat cruise on "Carillon", and arrive at Defiance Mountain to view the castle's military landscape.

Hyde collection

12 miles south of Lake George on Warren Street in Glens Falls (exit 18 on New York State Road), the area's tourist attractions shift from 18th-century history to 20th-century art in the Hyde Collection.

Its origins originated in 1865. Samuel Bruin and Jeremiah Fink founded Finck, Pruyn, and Company, the Glens Falls papermaking company, thereby laying the foundation for family wealth and the rise of society. Two years later, Charlotte Brown's daughter was born into one of the region's leading industrial families.

By the end of the decade, now an adult youngster, she met Louis Fisk Hyde, a Harvard law student, at a final school in Boston, and they married in 1902. But after leaving law practice in Boston four years later, he and Charlotte returned to Glens Falls, where he agreed For the position of Vice President of Finch and Pruyn and Company.

After the American Renaissance tradition of adapting European architectural traditions to American tastes, she did this with her two sisters in the three houses she built overlooking the Hudson River and the family factory between 1904 and 1912.

Wealth with a series of European summer excursions became a formula for a dangerous collection of art, ensuring a trust agreement later that it would be preserved, as well as the house in which it was shown, as a museum, which was opened to the public in 1963. Hyde House was appointed, and it was included in the record National Historic Site after 21 years.

The museum claims "a collection of more than 5,000 artworks and more than ten exhibitions per year, and the Hyde Collection is the region's leading visual arts institution." "The museum was founded by the universities of Charles Guild-Ed-Charlotte and Louis Hyde, and the museum includes their historic home. In spacious and elegant rooms, a wide range of decorative arts, rare books, and a distinctive collection of medieval, Renaissance, European and American art."

The house itself includes a dining room, courtyard, library, guest bedroom, reception room on the main floor, green guest room, music room, oriental bedroom, and Mrs. Hyde's bedroom at the top. The level, and its walls are decorated with paintings by a magnificent list of masters – from Rembrandt, Albert Birstadt, Thomas Eckins, Renoir, Rubens, Picasso, Botticelli, El Greco, and Degas to Homer.

The attached educational suite includes exhibitions, classrooms, an art studio, a lecture hall, exhibition talks and workshops.

Article sources:

Tackett, Paul. "Lake Giants". "Visit the Lake George area in Adirondack, New York." Warren County Department of Tourism, 2019.


How to plan a trip to Europe

For many people, Europe represents the journey of a lifetime, which means that when planning a trip there, it is imperative that you put all of your options on your priority list so that they are realistic with your available time.

After doing basic things like making sure you have a valid passport, it's time to plan your itinerary. Hopefully some of the first five tips will help you plan your trip to Europe effectively.

1. Make sure you set a budget.

Yes, it is boring, but unless you have a clear idea of ​​where your money is likely to be spent, and the amount that you have in the first place, you will not be the happiest traveler when you call relatives to barely borrow in the middle of the trip.

Things to consider when planning a trip to Europe during the off-season, which means avoiding school holidays and peak months whenever possible. If this is not possible, consider booking cheaper housing. Of course, a few nights at the Ritz in London are a dream for anyone, and we don't suggest that you not go if your budget allows it or if the occasion requires it, but you can still see the city from a hotel down the road.

2. You have a pivotal destination as you plan a trip to Europe

There is a good chance that there is a certain part of Europe that you want to see above all. If this applies to you, keep that main destination in mind while planning your trip.

Say you want to plan a trip to Europe with the heart of London and you have two weeks. Maybe you spend the first two nights there, then go to Ireland for a few nights, spend another night in London, then go to the Low Countries via Eurostar. Maybe then you will take an affordable trip to Spain and Portugal, then stay again in London before heading home.

Obviously, when planning a trip to Europe, you can create this central destination anywhere. You can make it Budapest in Hungary and then go to explore the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Or you can start in Copenhagen in Denmark, then head to Sweden, Norway and Finland.

This idea may not be for everyone, but it deserves to be taken into consideration. That's because even though it's not huge, Europe's incredibly diverse continent, and some aspects of the architecture will be vital to making the most of your time. Hence, having a pivotal destination while planning a trip to Europe is not a bad thing.

3. Do things in stages.

If you choose not to go with the idea outlined above while planning a trip to Europe, at least split your trip into stages and systematically explore parts of the continent.

It makes little sense to start your journey in London, then fly several thousand miles to Greece for a few nights, then return and spend a few days in Wales, just three hours' drive from the English capital.

The small size of Europe along with its diversity can really help you here. You can see an incredible number of cultures and countries in a relatively small area – and therefore with a small budget, if you are planning a trip to Europe effectively.

4. Reservation of residence in advance.

Provided that you are not intent on fully "fast" travel, we strongly recommend booking hotels in advance while planning a trip to Europe. In addition to this added structure to your plans, it will also give you a better idea of ​​your budget while traveling.

Doing so will also eliminate the ability to dispense with successive hotels due to the presence of "no vacancy" signs everywhere. You may also get a good discount by booking in advance.

5. Reasonable package.

When planning a trip to Europe, you should take into account the potentially severe weather conditions. Before thinking about the terrain in Europe (part of the mountains, part of the sea level), there is a basic fact that Scandinavia, for example, is likely to be cooler than Spain, regardless of the time you spend a year.

If your trip is likely to take a lot of the continent, then you will almost certainly see almost any type of weather you can think of.

Of course, how do you take advantage of the steps outlined above while planning a trip to Europe, depending on your budget and time.

We hope the advice provided here will help you in planning a trip to Europe without any hassle.


The secret is out – how google ranks websites

All secrets and information are about to be unleashed. The puzzle has ended and the secrets are open to show you how your website is ranked by Google

Links have always played an important role in determining the value of websites. Links to your site help assess the value of the document. Shows more links pointing to something of importance as a greater value. However, search engines continue to add some additional criteria to always stay ahead of the game.

In specific years, the amount of traffic or links received reached higher results, but there is an additional development that was or was not incoming traffic is the quality and benefit of researchers. This type of work became very popular, as there were a lot of black seo tricks that made it difficult for researchers to find what they were looking for. The end result was poor search engine quality.

Due to this type of procedure, the trend of long-standing domain names and sites plays a greater role in quality and links. Search engines took advantage of this idea, and began to track not only the lifetime of a domain, but always the content on the site. This factor stops the idea of ​​creating a website one day, and the next day there will be hundreds of links the next day. Search engines are looking for more natural link building rather than automatic links created by computer.

The idea of ​​a lifetime with a combination of quality permanent content and links always helps to fight spam sites. Spam sites can be created in seconds with hundreds of links, and they can work fine one day and the next day completely disappear. The low lifespan or lifetime of a website that's running online is not very interesting for search engines these days.

Search engines monitor how long it takes to run the site, the quality of good content, and whether it helps people get the information they're looking for and the process of adding valuable links. Over time as your website grows, you will also need to keep creating different URLs for your links.

Over time, search engines will underestimate the same old text in the link. The idea behind this is the fact that it doesn't actually add or change links to a new title. For example, hotel rooms are repeated over and over, and will not change over time, this will decrease. Search engines search for new and trendy content, so the idea of ​​changing titles or links back over the years is highly recommended. Ideally, it is suggested that you add keywords and keyword addresses to anchor points with some keywords 5 through 7. This helps keep clean, focused traffic and ranking.

So for keyword hotel rooms, we can add other keyword addresses like:

* Cheap hotels

* Discount hotels

* Hotel reservations

* Hotel prices

* Hotel deals

This helps keep things focused on hotels and hotel rooms, while adding a great mix of different keyword titles. To be successful these days and in

At the top of the search engines, you should stop thinking about instant links today, unwanted connections, create instant traffic and start thinking about a slow, long-term building process.

The main roles are still the position of keywords

Placement of keywords with high-quality content is the best way to go. Choosing the right keywords for your pages, links, and tags still plays a vital role in the success of your website. Again, update is what search engines often update, while continuing to check and change keywords throughout your site. It has been suggested by many search engines that 5% to 7% keyword density per page. Also, you don't get many keywords on a page, all about targeting and focusing one or two similar keywords.

Follow the update regularly

The question here is when was the last time your site was updated or changed? If the answer is more than one month than you have your business cut you. The original idea again is a long-term process, so it does not create a site that has all this content from the start, does not allow it to sit down and do nothing. It adds slowly and builds information over time.

Search engines are looking for a new website and it will stay new. So for example, you update your site with 20 new pages at the beginning of each month, but don't touch until next month. This type of behavior is captured by the search engines and may not keep your site stable. However, when the site adds content weekly or daily and maintains the content steadily, search engines can see that it is stable. Slow and steady wins on search engines.

Experts have stated in the past that trying new keywords or updated content goes beyond just making changes to your website. Put yourself in the internet user, do you keep visiting the page that never changes, do you visit the sites that update the news, information, etc. What site do you feel most attractive to your visitors and search engines? However, the idea of ​​updating and changing your old pages makes it pleasant for your visitors.

Now do not go wrong and go to change all the old dated pages of the site. Although your website attracts very good traffic and continues to increase, this is a good sign that you are doing the right thing. What is not broken does not fit. However, if you notice that this or that page is decreasing slowly, it may be time to do some keyword tuning or a new update.

Domain age

This is a new and fresh idea that age of domain is becoming more attractive to search engines. The idea comes from a long, high-quality process to build a great site.

Search engines are looking and liking more and more consistency even in the domain name. With this suggestion, don't be completely afraid to change your website domain name. Although note that this is a new factor in which search engines are looking for more. Also look at special rates for long-term domain registration, and that might save you some money as well. Finally, note that changing your hosting has no effort in categorizing any search engine or anything.

Word press tip

Here are two easy and discreet ways to build quality links while using the word word.

1.] Connect the "Link to Me" text box component – a simple word compression tool that gives your visitors the option to link to your website, and this is a great way to get more links and higher search engine rankings.

2.] Set up the link manager so that your blog log links change. That's right, this is a simple step you should take to add uniqueness to your blogs.

Adding these two features to your blog press will create this process towards building the links your search engines search for.

Click through rate

Clickthrough rate [CTR] or click through price, play another aspect of what search engines record and add to your site’s overall ranking. To fully understand clickthrough rate [CTR] is the number of times visitors actually click on your website. This type of information or click-through rate [CTR] helps determine how you visit the site. That is, did the current visitor type a keyword from a search engine and click to your website, or it was from a link from another website, or so on. Also, the clickthrough rate [CTR] is always looking for new and recent content and what is being visited most.

Your visitors' behavior, traffic logs and yourself are always checked. Search engines always check the amount of time you spend on your website, where do your visitors come from, do your visitors click on sites or ads, and bookmark your site. Along with the popular searches or keywords that visitors type to reach your website.

Traffic is reported to inform the search engines of the sites and pages that attract your site visitors.

But "yourself" also plays a major role in determining how successful your website is in search engines. For example, does the site information match the information you added in your domain registration? Your location can help focus your goal.

Have you ever verified or confirmed that your IP host address is safe and not shared with any hackers? That's right, there are more attackers coming, and if they happen to be on your IP host address, this could penalize your site too.

Professional appearance is a must in spelling, grammar, organization, good solid code or CSS design are all essential to success.

What is hot and what is not

Search engines are getting smarter and smarter, and yet they follow what is hot and what is not in our culture, our searches, etc. NBA playoffs. Although these are just heresies or trends in our culture. So, if your website deals with fads, spring or summer, note that wintering your site may be a little slower. However, combining the keywords that add quality to your site, of a modern or faded nature, can add popularity and personality to your website, but don't do that at all and constantly update it with current trends.