Guide to the Haunted Lighthouses – Massachusetts

Massachusetts, known for Plymouth Rock, where the first pilgrims landed, and the Salem witch trials, is also home to five of America's most hated lighthouses. A haunted bell Baker's Island Light Baker Island of Light, just six miles along the Salem coast, home to the infamous witch trials, is famed as being haunted by a […]

Massachusetts car insurance laws

So, now you are your first vehicle in Massachusetts or you have leased your own. The next step you need to do is understand Massachusetts car insurance laws to keep you unaware on the road. To be more specific when educating yourself about Massachusetts auto insurance laws, you need to be aware of minimal liability […]

Massachusetts criminal record

Massachusetts criminal records are public information and are generally available to anyone. Massachusetts has various penalties that apply to offenders detained on DUI charges. The severity of the sentence depends on the type of offense committed, the consequences of the crime, except for the number of times a criminal has committed a DUI sin in […]

Massachusetts Respiratory Car Rejection

If you refuse a Massachusetts Air Breather, the Massachusetts Police Department will immediately revoke your Massachusetts license or your privilege to operate a motor vehicle if you do not have a state license. You can challenge this license suspension. It is important that you contact an attorney immediately as you have only fifteen days from […]

Town Square – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Located just two miles from Boston, it is joined by two bridges, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Home to the world-renowned Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Lesley College, Cambridge is a vibrant and interesting city full of history, art and academies. What you may not know about Cambridge is that it is often referred to as […]

Massachusetts Common Traffic Offenses Act

In Massachusetts, a habitual traffic offense is someone who, during any five-year period, has three or more convictions for operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, reckless driving, or leaving the scene of an accident; or twelve or more convictions for other violations that may be reported, such as speeding, inability to stop due […]