Protect yourself from bed bugs

Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals, including humans and pets. Their eggs are very small, the size of a poppy. Its larvae are the size of a grain of rice. Adults are about a quarter of an inch long, reddish brown, and somewhat flat. They live in dark cracks, such as those in mattresses and bed frames. To date, it is not known to spread diseases.
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Bed bugs suddenly became an epidemic. Adults are easy to kill, but their eggs are more resistant. Adults can live for a year without feeding, nymphs only 2-3 months. After World War II, the problem of these annoying insects disappeared in America. why? Because of using DDT. Since then, DDT has been banned. De. MTV is in America, but it is still used in many third world countries.
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Global travel, flea markets and second-hand merchants allowed bed bugs to spread. Some have asked if we can only get rid of DDT. De. T to briefly restore the bed bugs again. According to the CDC, the errors we are currently facing come from countries that still use DDT. De. It does not absorb more blood, it is more difficult to kill and fight DDT. De.
When traveling, you should take precautions to prevent bed bugs from spreading. How do you do this? Examine your hotel room carefully upon arrival. Pull out comforter, pull up panels, check panels, mattress, headboard, and any dark cracks. You are looking for rust colored stains. Check any furniture in the room. These little bad mistakes love to travel, and can be found in furniture, behind headboards and picture frames, along panels, even in electrical outlets. Leave your luggage in the car until you spray the hotel room with the essential oils to flush it out.
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Bed bugs do not just stay in hotel rooms. They are found in the metro and rental cars, too. It is not necessarily a sign of filth or neglect. They are very travel-friendly and can withstand a wide range of temperatures; they adapt quickly to their environment and are excellent in elusive pest control specialists. They can be spread through pipes, riding obstacles or in vacuum cleaners, clothes, and luggage. It can be anywhere!
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If you rent a pesticide, be sure to research the chemicals you will be using. Also note that they will need to make several trips. I have done some research looking for effective natural insecticides and there are few of them, you will actually need to search for them to find them, but you really want to do that because the main place where you will hit the pesticide is your bed and you will be lying down and sleeping in everything they use. Avoid insecticides and therapies that contain permethrin and pyrethrins, which are common ingredients that can cause severe skin irritation. Some believe that it causes cancer with prolonged exposure.
There are alternatives to pesticide. The use of essential oils has proven effective in tests conducted at several universities in Utah. A word of caution, these tests have shown in all areas that only approved therapeutic, pure and effective essential oils have a long-term effect on bed bugs. Be Young is a brand, and EOBBD certified essential oils are the strongest on the market in the US today. All of the tests that have been proven successful.
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Eucalyptus has historically been used to repel bed bugs and has been used with great success. Native Americans repelled these insects and lice, drawing on pine needles and rice flakes in their mattresses. The Copaiba tree in Brazil protects itself from infection by insects through resin. This resin is used and distilled to create the glomerular essential oil. These three essential oils can be combined to create a bed bug spray.

Super bed bug spray

10 drops of cupayba essential oil

6 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops Cedarwood essential oil

Mix with 4 ounces of fine filtered water in a dark glass bottle. Do not mix with distilled water. Shake well, mattress, mattress, headboard, etc. If you spray directly errors, you will need about 30 seconds to die. If you spray it indirectly (meaning it is in the room you just sprayed), it takes about 15 minutes to die. You can also spread this mixture (just combine oils and leave water out) to clear the room. Make sure you treat the entire house, if you know you have an invasion in one room, you will likely get more exposed. Spread your mixture for 5 minutes, then stop it for 20, 5 minutes. To cleanse a hotel room you suspect might spread for 20 minutes, 20 minutes, then run in three cycles, then do 1 minute and 20 minutes. It will keep your room bug free. If you have a major challenge in bed bugs, you can charge this formula by adding 6 drops of oregano essential oil. Once the bugs are removed, sprinkle the essential oil blend of the bed bug on the linens when changing, you may want to recycle and use the Spice for Life Be Young Essential Oil Blend or Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil so that things don’t get boring, too many guests repel non Little invitees.

You can also choose to create bed repellent bags. To do this simply buy some empty bags or tea bags. Fill cornstarch, baking soda, or Starflake salts (pure tree salt, produced by Be Young). Then add about ten drops of your bed bug mix. Connect a bag to every corner of the mattress with a safety pin. This will create a relaxing scent to enhance your sleep and will repel insects so that they do not crawl on you. If you are traveling this is an added bonus. After your night’s rest, throw these bags in your luggage. Any hiking errors will quickly clear your luggage or die!

When washing linens, add 5-10 drops of your bed bug mixture, mix Spice for Life or even camphor only for the wash water. This will kill any bugs or their eggs that may be on your bed. According to my internet research, you want to use hot water when you wash. It seems that these errors are not fond of the sauna.

If you’ve been bitten, apply Lavender oils or a blend of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils to wilt to help cleanse and kill bacteria and reduce swelling. If you have pain in the biting area, apply a mixture of Helichrysum, Lavender and Geranium essential oils to the area.

A girl in Texas was nesting bed bugs in her hair. Her mother called Dana Clay Young in Bi Young’s oils to find out what to do. He gave her the bed bug formula formula; she made it, and added a few drops to her shampoo and after using one the insects had died.

Make a mixture of bed bugs with essential oils, spray your room, and perhaps add some bug repellent bags to the corners of your bed, and you can rest assured that you can sleep tightly and not let the bed bug bed.

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