Visit Sillery Gaon for an unforgettable vacation

If you go to Darjeeling, don't forget to make a visit in Sillery Gaon, a small village surrounded by beautiful pine trees on all sides. Locals love to call it the new Darjeeling. This quiet, pristine, green village is located at an altitude of about 6000 feet, and offers travelers many beauty options to enjoy the content of their hearts. Set amidst grain and forest plantations, Sillary Gayon Hotel offers great views of Kanchendzonga (the third highest peak in the world). Anyone who looks at Kanchendzonga from The Sillery Sojourn becomes speechless due to his magnificent scenery and stunning scenery.

If you are a beautician, take the opportunity to visit "The Sillery Sojourn", the highest site in the village of Sillery Gaon. The spectacle of sparkling silver peaking from here is mindful. Besides, the serenity everywhere is good enough to hold you longer. It is possible that the village derives its name from a plant of the same name – Sillery. If we divide the phrase "Sillery Gaon" into two different parts – "Sillery Gaon" and "Gaon", then we get the clear meaning of the place. Sillery means a species of plant and Gaon means a village. Therefore, they mean jointly – the plans of Sillery Village. The tree grows abundantly here. Apart from this tree, the location abounds in Sinchona Plantation. It was introduced to the world by the British as a malaria medicine.

One can choose this place as the ideal holiday destination. He can spend a few days toasty among green plants and forests. Spend your idle free time by watching the clouds and hearing the sounds of bats. Tweeting migratory birds will definitely please you. Big butterflies fly around, giving you a great feeling. Entertainment spending here is an adventure too. A strange feeling catches your eye once you get there. Walking down the forest path is truly an unforgettable experience. If you are an adventure student, you will enjoy more. Enjoy the plants and animals. Visit the attractive village to learn about the lifestyle of the villagers. If you are a lucky guy, you can enjoy the pleasure of the hospitality that the people of this village offer. Immerse yourself in pleasant outings to some of the known points of Ramitey View Point, Tinchuley View Point and The Damsang Fort.

Staying here for a few days is no problem. You will have many hotels and hostels that offer travelers a comfortable stay with modern amenities. Traveling and staying here becomes cost-effective – when carrying a bundle of Sillary Gayon tours (provided by a reputable travel agency).

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