The secret is out – how google ranks websites

All secrets and information are about to be unleashed. The puzzle has ended and the secrets are open to show you how your website is ranked by Google

Links have always played an important role in determining the value of websites. Links to your site help assess the value of the document. Shows more links pointing to something of importance as a greater value. However, search engines continue to add some additional criteria to always stay ahead of the game.

In specific years, the amount of traffic or links received reached higher results, but there is an additional development that was or was not incoming traffic is the quality and benefit of researchers. This type of work became very popular, as there were a lot of black seo tricks that made it difficult for researchers to find what they were looking for. The end result was poor search engine quality.

Due to this type of procedure, the trend of long-standing domain names and sites plays a greater role in quality and links. Search engines took advantage of this idea, and began to track not only the lifetime of a domain, but always the content on the site. This factor stops the idea of ​​creating a website one day, and the next day there will be hundreds of links the next day. Search engines are looking for more natural link building rather than automatic links created by computer.

The idea of ​​a lifetime with a combination of quality permanent content and links always helps to fight spam sites. Spam sites can be created in seconds with hundreds of links, and they can work fine one day and the next day completely disappear. The low lifespan or lifetime of a website that's running online is not very interesting for search engines these days.

Search engines monitor how long it takes to run the site, the quality of good content, and whether it helps people get the information they're looking for and the process of adding valuable links. Over time as your website grows, you will also need to keep creating different URLs for your links.

Over time, search engines will underestimate the same old text in the link. The idea behind this is the fact that it doesn't actually add or change links to a new title. For example, hotel rooms are repeated over and over, and will not change over time, this will decrease. Search engines search for new and trendy content, so the idea of ​​changing titles or links back over the years is highly recommended. Ideally, it is suggested that you add keywords and keyword addresses to anchor points with some keywords 5 through 7. This helps keep clean, focused traffic and ranking.

So for keyword hotel rooms, we can add other keyword addresses like:

* Cheap hotels

* Discount hotels

* Hotel reservations

* Hotel prices

* Hotel deals

This helps keep things focused on hotels and hotel rooms, while adding a great mix of different keyword titles. To be successful these days and in

At the top of the search engines, you should stop thinking about instant links today, unwanted connections, create instant traffic and start thinking about a slow, long-term building process.

The main roles are still the position of keywords

Placement of keywords with high-quality content is the best way to go. Choosing the right keywords for your pages, links, and tags still plays a vital role in the success of your website. Again, update is what search engines often update, while continuing to check and change keywords throughout your site. It has been suggested by many search engines that 5% to 7% keyword density per page. Also, you don't get many keywords on a page, all about targeting and focusing one or two similar keywords.

Follow the update regularly

The question here is when was the last time your site was updated or changed? If the answer is more than one month than you have your business cut you. The original idea again is a long-term process, so it does not create a site that has all this content from the start, does not allow it to sit down and do nothing. It adds slowly and builds information over time.

Search engines are looking for a new website and it will stay new. So for example, you update your site with 20 new pages at the beginning of each month, but don't touch until next month. This type of behavior is captured by the search engines and may not keep your site stable. However, when the site adds content weekly or daily and maintains the content steadily, search engines can see that it is stable. Slow and steady wins on search engines.

Experts have stated in the past that trying new keywords or updated content goes beyond just making changes to your website. Put yourself in the internet user, do you keep visiting the page that never changes, do you visit the sites that update the news, information, etc. What site do you feel most attractive to your visitors and search engines? However, the idea of ​​updating and changing your old pages makes it pleasant for your visitors.

Now do not go wrong and go to change all the old dated pages of the site. Although your website attracts very good traffic and continues to increase, this is a good sign that you are doing the right thing. What is not broken does not fit. However, if you notice that this or that page is decreasing slowly, it may be time to do some keyword tuning or a new update.

Domain age

This is a new and fresh idea that age of domain is becoming more attractive to search engines. The idea comes from a long, high-quality process to build a great site.

Search engines are looking and liking more and more consistency even in the domain name. With this suggestion, don't be completely afraid to change your website domain name. Although note that this is a new factor in which search engines are looking for more. Also look at special rates for long-term domain registration, and that might save you some money as well. Finally, note that changing your hosting has no effort in categorizing any search engine or anything.

Word press tip

Here are two easy and discreet ways to build quality links while using the word word.

1.] Connect the "Link to Me" text box component – a simple word compression tool that gives your visitors the option to link to your website, and this is a great way to get more links and higher search engine rankings.

2.] Set up the link manager so that your blog log links change. That's right, this is a simple step you should take to add uniqueness to your blogs.

Adding these two features to your blog press will create this process towards building the links your search engines search for.

Click through rate

Clickthrough rate [CTR] or click through price, play another aspect of what search engines record and add to your site’s overall ranking. To fully understand clickthrough rate [CTR] is the number of times visitors actually click on your website. This type of information or click-through rate [CTR] helps determine how you visit the site. That is, did the current visitor type a keyword from a search engine and click to your website, or it was from a link from another website, or so on. Also, the clickthrough rate [CTR] is always looking for new and recent content and what is being visited most.

Your visitors' behavior, traffic logs and yourself are always checked. Search engines always check the amount of time you spend on your website, where do your visitors come from, do your visitors click on sites or ads, and bookmark your site. Along with the popular searches or keywords that visitors type to reach your website.

Traffic is reported to inform the search engines of the sites and pages that attract your site visitors.

But "yourself" also plays a major role in determining how successful your website is in search engines. For example, does the site information match the information you added in your domain registration? Your location can help focus your goal.

Have you ever verified or confirmed that your IP host address is safe and not shared with any hackers? That's right, there are more attackers coming, and if they happen to be on your IP host address, this could penalize your site too.

Professional appearance is a must in spelling, grammar, organization, good solid code or CSS design are all essential to success.

What is hot and what is not

Search engines are getting smarter and smarter, and yet they follow what is hot and what is not in our culture, our searches, etc. NBA playoffs. Although these are just heresies or trends in our culture. So, if your website deals with fads, spring or summer, note that wintering your site may be a little slower. However, combining the keywords that add quality to your site, of a modern or faded nature, can add popularity and personality to your website, but don't do that at all and constantly update it with current trends.

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