The three distinct types for travelers or tourists

This may sound like weird travel advice, but knowing the type of tourist or traveler you will travel to will help set your expectations and possibly improve your travel adventures. Read the following list of three types of travelers to find out if or where to find a match.

The Leisure Traveler: Usually, they are looking for relaxation or disengagement and do not care much for local flavor or local customs and culture. One can just sit on the beach and relax, read a book, play golf or just rest. She does not oppose foreign websites but is not interested in delving into a new culture. You may only want to recharge their batteries a year ago at the office.

Experimental Traveler: This traveler searches for meaning within other cultures. This traveler has curiosity and inquiry, beneath the outer surface of strange new worlds and seeks to obtain the maximum experience (learning) from some point. Willing to take the risk in order to gain experience, this traveler will have a deep desire to engage in a different culture and find a deeper meaning within it. No expat bars and restaurants of this type!

Experimental Traveler: not only willing to try new things but also actively looking for them. You may search for meaning outside of its current existence and be willing to try (and perhaps fail) to travel to new destinations rather than travel at all. A subset of the experimental traveler is the existential traveler. A person who already finds meaning in a new culture and now wants to engage in it in the long run. It might be a return home to a favorite city or country, or a favorite beach or mountain trip, as you actively reserve for another trip to the same place or even a new destination as an experience. They have already withdrawn from their routine and moved internally to their desired place.

There is room for all forms of tourists in the travel world, but what causes "bad holidays" usually results from a lack of understanding of the type of traveler they are. The leisure tourist may not want to take a guided tour, walk or hike in the mountains and will not be happy if the travel partner forces him. Their partner, in turn, may not want to sit on the beach all day either. When traveling in pairs or groups, others may have to make accommodations so that they can find the extent of their desires. Although travelers to foreign places who do not wish to be actively involved in a new culture may be changing themselves, it should not cause the destruction of an entire trip.

Knowing the type of traveler that should make it easier for you to choose destinations and then enjoy the trip much more because you are preparing your flight for success, not failure.

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