Some general information about Bora Bora

Located 2,600 miles south of Hawaii, and about 160 miles northwest of Tahiti, you can find what has been described as the most beautiful island in the world; Bora Bora.

Discovered in 1722, this tropical paradise represents the things you dream about, and has been a popular tourist destination for more than 40 years. The name Bora Bora, which means "first born" in Tahitian, indicates that the original inhabitants of the island are from Tonga, as Vava & # 39; u, the ancient language from which the name comes, indicates that.

It is estimated that about seventy million years old, and the island is originally volcanic. It is surrounded by smaller islands around it, as well as beautiful coral reefs, which serve as vital areas for countless marine wildlife. The island has become famous over the years, through "exposure" in books and movies.

You can travel around the main island of Bora Bora via a 32 km coastal road, and it takes about an hour in a moving vehicle. Sights in Bora Bora are simply amazing, and getting around the island will be a great way to learn about these sights.

Viatape is the main city of Bora Bora, and is the main source of general information related to the island, among other things. Information about the island's activities, general information about the island's history, a souvenir shop and souvenir shops, general information about car rental, as a center of the islands, one can find anything about Bora Bora here.

Bora Bora Tourist Center can be found at the southern end of the island. It is known as Matira Point, and it has a stretch of white sandy beaches along its shores. The Intercontinental Hotel is located next to Sofitel Marara and other world famous beach resorts / hotels here. Snorkeling on the north side of Matira Point is popular, because it is the best place in Bora Bora diving. The famous Bora Bora Lake reaches this point on the island, which is very shallow, making the magnificent huts above the water extending into the water. Really luxurious accommodation for any guest on the island.

West of Matira Point, you can find Matira Beach. As a public beach, Matira Beach is busy during weekends and public holidays. Since the water here is deeper compared to that in Matira Point, swimming here is absolutely perfect. Water sports are also more fun.

Travel agencies, as well as hotels and resorts, have important general information regarding Bora Bora, and are in fact the best source of general information in case you have plans to spend your vacation there.

Visit your favorite travel agency if you find the general written information above important.

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