Flights to Australia 2011 – New offer from Korean Air Lines

The Economy Only promotion includes flights to New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and Guam.

Flights to Sydney start with a cheaper fee of £ 440, and flights to Brisbane and Melbourne are included in the same cost. Taxes. In Australia's offer, the second most important offering on flights to Auckland, New Zealand where passengers will be able to book flights starting from £ 460. Taxes. A similar price range applies to flights to Hawaii and Guam.

Finally, flights to Fiji sell 470 return tickets at the lowest price. Taxes. These rates can be used on departure flights from London Heathrow Airport, UK.

Restricted overseas flights with Korean Air are valid for travel from 01 March to 31 March 2011. However, the sale period for these fares starts from 1 December 2010 and ends on 30 January 2011.

Passengers can stay a minimum of 05 nights to a maximum of 3 months on these tickets. This means that tickets must be booked for return at any time between 5 nights of departure and up to three months. Like other prices, a child pays 75% of the net fee for adults and infants (companions) pay 10% of the adult fee. Although tickets are subject to change in relation to the date, once the ticket is issued, all changes to the date are charged at £ 130.00.

All of these prices do not include taxes, and an additional charge of £ 55 must be paid in each direction. Plus, if you are ready to stay in amazing Seoul, you can book a stop for £ 90. With the Korean airline moving from London Heathrow to Australia via Seoul, the capital of Korea, there can be a temporary stopover paid by the carrier, as the airline provides a free stopover in the absence of a day flight. STPC in Seoul is provided in one direction only on chips with no valid connection on the same day. You must contact Curie Airlines with the STPC order once the ticket is issued and at least 48 hours before the date of the company request. In the event of incoming date changes, the STPC must be re-ordered by the party that made the change (travel agent or passenger). Hotel rooms will not be provided for transit passengers arriving in Seoul without prior confirmation from STPC, according to Korean Air.

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