Vulcano is racy

Aeolian Islands offers fun 7 times, stands out as one of Sicily's most popular destinations, Vulcano being one of the most popular. Seven islands and seven thousand years of history make the region rich in tales, natural resources and treasures. The island has the legendary "wind guard" name. The islands enjoy an excellent climate throughout the year and because of its nature attract many geologists as well as tourists.

Stromboli (the last officially active volcano), Banaria, Vulcano, Salina, Lipari, Felicode and Alicudi originated from the sea in the Pleistocene era about 40 km from the coast of Sicily and offer 7 times fun to nature lovers, beaches and seafood, relax and spa treatment alike.

Regardless of the magnificence of the fearsome volcano itself and the stunning absolute views presented at its majestic summit, Vulcano itself has other withdrawals, mostly because of its volcanic activity. Black sand beaches are not magical, and Fangi is definitely a nuisance. This area is famous for its sulfur water and just minutes away from the incoming ports (not only to Vulcano itself, but it is a port for entry to all seven islands), and this area is not only comfortable but also beneficial and healthy, with swimming pools of warm yellow slime that can Take a shower in it. Fanghi are large pools of muddy and sulfurous warm waters located just a few minutes' walk from the docks where most boats reach the island or reach the islands themselves. Most boats dock at Vulcano first before making one of the other six islands, and the most popular of course are Stromboli, with stunning views of the mountain itself and its gleaming sunset. Once again, the beautiful black sandy beaches do nothing but wandering with open arms.

After bathing or swimming in pools, it is a good idea to cover and dry yourself with mud, such as a therapeutic face mask or body mask and rinse. Emerge from the feeling of vitality and liveliness and the willingness to experience more of the Aeolian Islands. The thermal springs close to the mud baths themselves are especially attractive because they add warm champagne quality to the sea, like a natural hot tub and are the most therapeutic for anyone suffering from arthritis or muscle problems. As long as the smell of sulfur does not beat you, the entrance fee of 2 euros is a small price to pay for a very relaxing day. It is important for Vulcano to pay attention to your feet and be careful about holes that often fire hot volcanic air less than the fun of anyone wearing open-toed sandals or unfortunate enough to walk over one of them when it explodes.

To get the full package, i.e. what mud baths and hot springs can offer, and then, with a host of service and admiration to boot, staying in the right place is key to enjoying your stay. Therasia Resort is a five star castle presented with a Sicilian touch. It offers diving, snorkeling, boating, water skiing and cruise rental. Therasia brings service and more directly to your door. Also, expert guides on a happy volcano trip are available to take you and your party on a tour to unveil all that Vulcano has to offer.

Cozy locations to savor some fine local cuisine will be nothing but the hotel offers; L & # 39; Arcipelago with its panoramic views and delicious seafood, and Il Cappero with its usual thatched roof and simple cheerful local specialties in a great atmosphere. The hotel also offers 2 bars with an impressive selection of delicious cocktails and special starters offers. Il Gazebo and Il Faraglione are the ideal places to melt before eating a huge Sicilian meal and perfect holes for irrigation to the most exclusive tastes.

Wherever one stays or indulges in local cuisine, finishing, beach scenery, or a cold area, none of these seven islands will be disappointing. In fact, you will capture the scenery, the enslavement of beauty, and everything about these seven islands from the wonders of cooking to service to the scenery of history to geological wonders (both dangerous and curative, from volcanoes to hot springs) no less than muddling, inviting you to experience these islands. Use the call of Elos, the "wind guard" in Greek mythology and find out why these islands are begging you to be their own.

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