Luxury paradise in Cyprus

Traditionally a luxurious vacation experience with five-star accommodations, the perfect portrait beaches, friendly residents, gourmet cuisine and a wonderful culture is an unbearable dream for many that involves a long journey, exotic location and crazy budget. But on the doorstep of European Dark, Cyprus, the jewel of the Mediterranean that offers lovers of luxury has an abundance of extensive sandy beaches and a host of luxurious activities. Just a four and a half hour journey, Cyprus enjoys all the benefits of a luxurious vacation experience at affordable rates. Amathus Hotels has developed the following guide, to help luxury lovers find the best of Cyprus.

Spa treatments and pampering, ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Many luxury hotels in Cyprus offer a wide range of treatments designed to calm your mind and embody your soul. From a 30-minute massage to relieve your tired legs after a day of sightseeing, or a full pampering session including full body paint, Swedish massage and hydrotherapy bath, you can find it. Why not feel relaxed together and treat a couple where you and your partner can enjoy a massage or face-to-face side-by-side. If you feel really adventurous, you and your boyfriend can have a romantic hydrotherapy bath for two to relieve your stress together! Remember these tips after treatment: Make sure you are completely hydrated after any spa session with a cup of water or herbal tea and stay out of the sun for at least a few hours if you have any type of face.

Yacht charters will make Cyprus an unforgettable experience. It's easy to rent your own yacht in Limassol or Paphos, with many operators providing services in the area; you can even push the boat out and have a party for friends and family on a cruise along the waters of Cyprus. You can sail from the old port of Limassol to find the perfect romantic setting, and the captain leaves it to enjoy the sunset while drinking champagne and wake up to a new continental breakfast before sailing to the mainland. Specially designed week-long programs are also available for those looking for a longer experience.

If you want to try new places with great bird views, the ideal activity is to ride a helicopter around the island. If you're not afraid of hikes, plan an unforgettable trip, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and landscapes that you can only experience from above.

If you want to inject more luxury into your Cyprus experience, then why not miss arrival from the airport to your hotel by Limo. There are many companies that you can contact to get different services, whether you need limousine hire, airport transfers or sightseeing tours.

Other places to visit

If all of the above is not enough to make you book your flights now, there are some additional ideas to make the trip more attractive.

Cyprus has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches. Spend a day full of sunlight while reading well the novel that you had started. If you are planning to stay in a luxury hotel in Paphos, here are some beaches that you might want to explore. North of Kato Paphos is Pharos Beach, which is a sandy beach with some sandstone rocks. Further out is Kissonerga Bay. It is a quieter beach with banana plantations by its surroundings, and is ideal for a quiet day out. To the north remains Coral Bay, the region's most popular sandy beach. If you don't have enough beach for a day, you can always have a romantic dinner in the beautiful areas of your hotel, then walk by the moonlight on the beach.

Finally, Cyprus is full of history everywhere it revolves. While you are there, you must take a sightseeing trip for at least one day to indulge in the local culture. Limassol Hotel boasts two fortresses, the Kalossi Castle dating back to the 1200s and the medieval Limassol Castle where Richard married the Lionheart at the church of this site in 1911. Visit Paphos and indulge in Roman architecture. There is a wonderful mosaic in the western part of Kato Paphos, which I discovered in 1962 that there is more than 2000 years of Roman history to accommodate. In the hot summer months, you can enjoy a theatrical evening or orchestra performances at Roman Odeon.

So we have a little, luxurious taste of lifestyle that you can experience with a vacation to Cyprus. It will be a truly unforgettable experience if you choose the right place to stay as well as the right activities.

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