Reasons to choose a villa for your vacation


The villas are not too expensive to rent as people think, and a positive comparison with the cost of the hotel, especially when all the other advantages of the villa are considered.

Typical hotel rooms will have one bed or two beds, with a maximum occupancy 4. The villa can accommodate more people, and for large parties, the cost for this can spread over the party, which means that the cost per person can, in some cases, be cheaper than Hotel accommodation.


With your own space in the villa, people are less likely to bother you in the next room, and you will not have people walking in front of your front door all the time, or you should worry about housekeeping, upset by the cleaning crew


Many villas are located in quiet communities, which are characterized by beautiful surroundings. Often there are many families with children as well as vacation homes. The associations of most home owners will ensure that their communal areas are maintained to a very high standard, also in turmoil, so that you are sure of the relaxing time.

Own pool

One of the real perks is, you won't need to share a hotel pool with people you don't know, most villas come with their own heated pool, which means you can enjoy the beautiful Florida rays in peace and quiet, and enjoy a private pool.

More space

In the hotel, you usually have a bedroom and a bathroom. With the villa, you usually have a number of bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and many bathrooms, which means you can really spread and make you feel at home when on vacation / vacation.

a kitchen

If you imagine a quiet night in, rather than a noisy restaurant, or have special dietary requirements, then you have the option to cook your food in most villas. Many of them have fully equipped kitchens, and the open plan of many villas means that no one should be left to cook no matter what everyone else does.


Many villas strive to provide facilities to keep their guests entertained. You will not find some of these things in hotels, or they may be shared with other guests. Examples of the types of facilities you might find in villas are: games rooms with billiard tables, darts, etc., 3D televisions, Blu-ray players, games, and table games.

Do not rely on shuttle buses

Many hotels have free shuttle buses to parks, which can be of interest to villas and save on cost, as you won't need to pay for parking in Disney parks. However, their schedules are very strict, with only a few pickups a day, and sometimes at odd times. So, you may still want to use your car anyway, and you have the option of returning to enjoy the villa at any time.

Number of bathrooms

Many villas have more than one bathroom, which can make a big difference in how long it takes to get ready in the morning, and this means you can go to parks early and have fun-filled activities in your day.

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