What Exactly is a Boutique Hotel?

In recent years, boutique hotels have emerged as the best accommodation for guests around the world. But the irony of the matter is that no one knows exactly what is the true meaning of the term "boutique" or why this term is used in relation to hotels and what are the benefits of staying in this type of hotel.

But the only thing that is clear among hotel owners is the fact that they know exactly what characteristics or properties that will make their hotel a boutique hotel. The first quality is only the size of the hotel. Often the question is asked about how many rooms should be located in a boutique hotel? According to experts of this business, a hotel with no more than 100 rooms can be called a boutique hotel.

The second quality or distinctive feature is the atmosphere of this hotel. It is firmly believed that the atmosphere is a very important factor for any boutique hotel. Here, the definition of the atmosphere is the sum of all the ethereal facilities and services that make the stay, a wonderful one. When used in the context of boutique hotels, the term atmosphere consists of decor, ambiance, personal and mental service of hotel employees and most importantly, knowing how to combine all these things and create a sense of rapprochement between guests, which will add to the popularity of any hotel. According to "Boutique Hotels International", an intimate atmosphere should be a factor in boutique hotels without which the hotel cannot be called a boutique hotel. The problem occurs when this atmosphere is created without knowing. In the hotel industry, intimacy is defined as professional care, warmth, and professional personal services. Note that the word professional is included everywhere which means everything is professionally handled. The term familiarity here means summoning guests in their first name instead of my lord or madam, hugs, handshake, etc.

Another factor that every boutique hotel must be is great service. Let me explain the meaning of "great service". The staff at the boutique hotel should anticipate or should know in advance the needs and requirements of their guests rather than just respond to it when asked to do so. Knowing what your guests want, when they want it, how they want it and serving it this way shortly before the scheduled time is what makes a big gap between good service and great service. This is why the boutique is said to have a great service.

Another very important factor for a boutique hotel called a boutique hotel is its very unique theme. The unique topic has become a very important factor and over time it is getting more and more important. This fact can be supported by an example that we can see different topics in every boutique hotel from New York to Washington. The original artworks in lounges, designer bathroom fixtures, free wine and champagne, a guest's favorite CD collection, are all very important factors in making the hotel a boutique hotel.

Including all of these factors, the definition of a boutique hotel can be a property that makes their guests feel happy and satisfied while staying there, makes them feel extraordinary, and makes them realize that they should come back soon and let them know that this hotel is worth discussing with others.

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