Ambience – what is necessary is invisible to the eye

We define the atmosphere as the mood or atmosphere that we encounter in a particular place in a particular case in time. The atmosphere, in this context, is a very important aspect of the hotel experience. It is not something that guests really see, but it is tangible, it is an experienced thing.

Without an ambience, hotels would simply be buildings with a host of rooms for housing and nothing more. Ambiance helps transform the hotel from a building that houses accommodation to a home away from home, a facility where guests can be alive and well. The ambience is the personality of the hotel, which is important both for the hotel's private brand and for the enjoyment of many of its patrons.

Take Gravetye Manor Hotel, for example. Probably one of the most atmospheric hotels ever. This park hotel in England may not be the most famous hotel in the world, but it is full of the inherent beauty and personality that the park offers, the building of the stone hotel, and great views of the surrounding English countryside. An unchanging formula that makes travelers come back for more.

Another excellent example is the roof of Lebua in the State Tower, which is located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. With its breathtaking views of the sprawling Bangkok cityscapes, it's no wonder that many voted as one of the most surrounding hotels in Asia.

Look, the thing about the atmosphere is that there shouldn't be a single hotel anywhere in particular just to simulate the atmosphere. Sure, being surrounded by green groves and a rustic environment helps create a very relaxing mood, but it takes more than space to pull it out.

When it comes to creating this perfect atmosphere, well-equipped rooms that compliment the hotel's theme or personality are always a huge advantage. Every little detail must be able to work with every other detail in addition to the environment, in order to create a unified mood that perfectly aligns to achieving the desired result.

Sometimes, the whole thing is to make all things exactly match. From food to furnishings to music playing in the dining hall, all these details help create a unique atmosphere. Lighting, of course, has a huge impact on the atmosphere. Even the decorations on the doors and intricate textiles that decorate the walls play an important role in instilling mood inside the hotel.

People search for the atmosphere almost everywhere, as they sit at lunchtime to the place where they will drink frapuccino with vaginal caramel at nightfall. The atmosphere is good, maybe not all, but it's definitely a very big thing, especially when it comes to choosing hotels. Having this right mood helps you prove the personality of the hotel, and it is this unique feature that will help guests book a hotel more than once. The great atmosphere is translated into happy clients, and this means the hotel is on the way to success.

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