Watuppa Fishing Pond: Fall River, MA

The Watuppa Pond is one of Massachusetts' largest water bodies, a staple in the southeastern part of the state. The Watuppa pond is divided into two areas, North Watuppa and South Watuppa. North Watuppa provides drinking water from the Fall River area, which is why the area is not open to fishing. However, South Watuppa is a local fishing spot where numerous tournaments are held throughout the year. South Watuppa is a great place to catch largemouth bass, compasses and (my favorite) tiger muskies.

South Watuppa has several spots that you hunt from the coast. However, most people fishing this pond use a boat. It is located next to Jefferson Ship in Fall River (N 41.673938, W -71.140101). This is probably the most commonly used and easily accessible way to enter the pond. As one of the largest bodies of water in Massachusetts, there are many good places to fish. Today I'm going to go over some good spots that have produced some pretty nice fish for me.

If you leave the boat ramp and head directly to the other end of the pond, but just before you reach the other end, you will see a little peninsula just to your right. This peninsula creates a cove on one side. This was a great spot for largemouth bass. I used many techniques in the area, from jerk baits to fairy tales and soft plastic. Many times I will use the Texas Ragetail Anaconda rig, a 10-inch worm that has incredible action at this site. Expect to land some sleeves in the brush just off the coast.

There is another great area if you are heading directly to the right from the boat ramp. You will notice the pond narrowing, but trolling this area has produced some very nice tiger muskies. When fishing for tiger musks, you must ensure that they are properly positioned. You need to make sure you have a steel leader and some pretty heavy line. You can use some 25 lb line monofilament or, my favorite, a 20 / 30lb Spiderwire Stealth Braid test. I usually have one of my favorite swimsuits attached and I caught some monster muskies in this part of Watuppa.

The Watuppa Pond is a great place to spend a day on the water. The pond is quite large so you never have to worry about being overwhelmed by a crowd of people fishing in the same area. From my experience, I was much more fortunate in the southern part of South Watuppe. Still, there are a lot of great places to fish here, and I'm sure you will introduce nice sized fish.