Fireworks and child injuries


Although fireworks can be nice, it can cause serious injury and even death. Although fireworks are banned in Massachusetts, it does not prevent some people from bringing them out of state. The risk that fireworks presents to children is high; Common injuries sustained by fireworks include burns, eye injuries, cuts and even amputations.

If your child is burned, cut, or has vision problems as a result of a fire accident, you may need to contact an Andover child injury lawyer to discuss legal options.


The most common injury a child experiences while handling fireworks is a burn injury. Many people find flashes harmless and give them to children to play with; however, educators can reach 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. If a child is not properly monitored or does not know how to deal with a spark, he or she may end up with third degree burns.

If your child is burned, you need to decide if he or she can be treated at home or needs hospital care. Burns that are reddish can be treated with lubricant and bandages. However, if your baby's skin is charred or blown out, you should call an ambulance immediately or go to an ambulance.

Eye injuries

Eye injuries can occur when debris or sparks enter your child's eyes, and can cause bottle rockets or even sparks. Because your eyes are so sensitive, you should seek medical attention immediately to avoid long-term damage or even blindness. Avoid rubbing or flushing the baby's eye and do not try to remove any protruding objects from the eyes.

Other injuries

People enjoy the beauty and excitement of fireworks, and do not want to think about the possible negative consequences when they do not adhere to safety precautions. Fireworks can also lead to tearing (cuts) and even amputations. If your child is hit by fireworks, evaluate the injury. If the cut is deep, try to stop the bleeding and seek medical attention the right way.

If your child's finger, hand, or other limb is rejected by fireworks, you should immediately try to stop the bleeding and call an ambulance. Ask someone to look for your child's missing limb and store it in ice, if found.

After the fireworks accident

If a child is injured as a result of negligence or misconduct on the part of the other party, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit against a fire accident. An experienced Andover child injury lawyer can help you explain the legal options and, if necessary, help you file a Massachusetts child injury claim against a responsible party.