Indecent exposure

Indecent exposure in Massachusetts

Public indecency laws have existed for as long as crime and punishment are part of society. There are laws around the world that regulate and punish self-exposure of an inappropriate part of the body in an inappropriate environment. In the United States, indecent exposure consists of exposing any genital or other "private part" (such as the breast or butt) in a public setting.

What is considered in Massachusetts to be indecent exposure?

Although indecency laws and regulations are generally consistent across the country, penalties may vary from state to state. Massachusetts has a vaguely defined exposure and can be applied to a variety of situations. These include:

· Deliberately displaying your genitals or private parts in public

· Urinating in public

· Going public without clothes

· Engaging in sexual behavior in a public setting. This may include sexual intercourse, oral sex, or any sexual activity involving exposure of the genitals or private parts

While these are not the only types of activities that may qualify as indecent exposure, some are the most commonly reported. Considering the opinion of the general public, you can avoid ever finding a situation that police officers could ever consider to be rude.

What is the penalty for indecent exposure?

In Massachusetts, penalties are provided for public indecency. These include:

· Six months in prison

Fine up to $ 200

· A combination of the two

However, the above penalties usually only apply to those charged with their first offense of indecent exposure. If you have previously committed public indecency, your sentence is likely to be tougher. Also, if you committed publicly or indecently in front of a child or a minor, your crime can be considered a sex crime against a minor. This comes with much more serious and possible lifelong consequences, depending on the action that took place.

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Knowing that the law implies, not only can you better prevent yourself from ever getting into a situation that could be considered rude to the public, but you will also be better able to defend your rights if you are charged with a crime. For more information on Massachusetts sex crime law and public indecency laws, or to find out more about your legal rights, visit the website of Massachusetts sex crimes attorney James Powderly today.