First Travel Nurse Appointment – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I decided to go to a traveling nurse instead of a permanent placement, how do I decide where to go?
Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards an exciting career in the travel nursing. Choosing the place you want to go will be one of the questions your travel nursing staff will ask you. Since each travel agency assignment is approximately 13 weeks, you do not need to worry about planning where you want to go months ago. However, there are several factors in determining your first assignment as a traveling nurse.

o Assume that you are a member of a family that you have not seen, you may have time to visit and establish a relationship so you can choose a place nearby. In addition, you may be aware of a sick relatives who need help, where you can choose a destination from your nearest nursing staff.
Did you ever dream to visit the Grand Canyon or Rio Grande? Would you like to vacation in Hawaii or near Wine Country? Ask travel nursing staff for help from jobs near these destinations.
o Do you want to escape the summer heat? Ask about a travel nursing job in Minnesota or Oregon, where summers are full of outdoor activities in the summertime.
Ask the travel nursing recruitment agencies the most frequent places to go, or ask other travel nurses where they like to travel and work.

Question: What kind of uniform will I need?
Uniforms are often given to you. You will probably get them on arrival. Every facility often requires something as diverse as work clothes or uniforms. However, it is best to bring a couple of pairs of comfortable shoes and an extra set of brushes if your uniform is not ready on your first day of duty or on rare occasions not given to you. Also, ensure that all nurse uniforms as well as the costs of laundering for tax purposes are taken.

Question: What do I have to do before I leave the travel nurse's office?
If you know the date of your departure for your first travel nurse, it is a good idea to have your mail directed to your new address. You can specify the start and end dates for postal mailing. It can take up to a week to get your mail to your new location, so make arrangements for your monthly bills you have to pay in advance.

Inform your nursing officers about your travel dates so that your employer can tell you when to wait for you, as well as how to get there when you arrive. Also tell the family and your friends where you will find your new assignment address, phone number, travel route and emergency status as well as your nursing staff number. Always have a mobile phone and a car charger on your side; If you have an emergency, you may need to call someone during transit.

Carry a folder to store all your travel expenses, receipts, professional licenses, CEUs, uniforms and cleanups, fuel for your car, airline tickets and lodgings. Having a organizing organ to keep all these items will save you at tax time.

Finally, it is best to have enough money for food, fuel and accident for at least two weeks. If you have not created a bank account in your new location, or if you do not have direct deposits, your salary checks will be delayed and you will not have access to any money.

Question: How can I find personal and repair services while working as a traveling nurse?
As a business transfer or traveling nurse, it can be difficult to start everywhere in a new place; However, knowing that you will work with other professionals who will lead you to reliable and affordable services.

Since travel nurses usually have the option of staying in medical staff housing, you will not have to worry about home maintenance repairs. Whether you are looking for a beauty salon or a barber, an auto mechanic and an affordable grocery store, the people you work with will be your biggest source.

Other places where you can find information on local businesses include Angie & # 39; s List and Yelp site. Almost every town has a travel agency or trade chamber with a large number of resources and recommendations for retail stores and services.

Question: As a travel nurse, do I have to accept a task immediately after I have finished?
No, you do not have to take another task immediately. As a travel nurse, you can take a week, two weeks, or more off between assignments and choose your next assignment. Travel nursing is not just a great opportunity to discover new places and business assignments, but you can also plan your vacation between assignments.

However, a large recruiter will talk to you and talk about your plans before the end of your assignment, so if you want to take advantage of another assignment you will get a smooth transition and many bonuses and rewards often offered for just another task. Your choice!

Question: Is this my first travel nursing problem, having trouble adjusting work schedule or staff? To whom should I apply?
Medical staff agencies will be able to work with your needs and special requests for work assignments, travel costs and housing before your first assignment; This will help alleviate your first travel nurse assignment problems.

However, if you feel that your travel nurse appointment is not what you expected, you should talk to your head nurse or doctor to resolve any communication impairment or task responsibilities. Inform your staff to make sure that your employees solve problems and help others as they are known. It could be another nurse you can trust against any anxiety you have. It is best to talk to someone before interfering with your travel nurse task.

If you think of other questions before you leave for your first travel nurse, call your nursing officer because you will have a reply for you when you need it. Trust your experience of guiding and elevating your confidence before and after travel.