Travel Nursery Companies

The travel nursing industry has risen in recent years and the number of companies has increased. In a time when the United States and Canada have suffered in the past few years, the number of traveling nurse companies seems to be large. In the United States and Canada, these companies research nurses and send them to health centers and hospitals that need and need human strength. Nurses who have been sent to different places enjoy travel and a lucrative lifestyle. In addition, health, wellness, life, dental and vision insurance, food and accommodation allowances and a very costly paid trip to destinations. There is even a pension package. Some companies offer privileges for continuing education. Companies that want to rely on their own manpower offer loyalty and advice to encourage existing nurses to stay in search of more health care professionals.

There are companies employing foreign countries such as the Philippines, India, Canada, England, Australia and South Africa with a lack of US and Canadian human power. Health professionals must have high standards and a certain level of educational background and experience to qualify for these companies. Candidates from non-English speaking countries are required to pass exams to test their English reading and writing skills in order to qualify for the job. They also have to obtain a visa in their country of destination. However, due to the lack of nurses, these countries often give them the necessary documentation. In fact, in recent years, the US has only begun to give Visas to nurses.