Traveling with your kitten

Traveling with your cat is not always easy, whether by car, by train, by airplane or by boat. It is necessary to arrange certain things in advance – tickets, adequate cafeteria, tranquilizers and water – to ensure maximum comfort and to avoid uneven weather during many hours of travel.

Ending up in a weekly family cabin or big holidays … Travel opportunities for a civilized chat are rarely missed. A recalled master in this way always plans ahead to experience the animal in best conditions. Some animals meet at a young age from one place to another and accept the situation perfectly, but others do so with a lot of movement.

If you are thinking of staying in a hotel owned by Kedinin, you should not know whether the kedin will be accepted as a travel companion (only 1 hotel accepts customers with 6 pets). In any case, always remember this warning: always to keep an identification tag on the side of your cat. A nervous and angry animal is always running fast!

By car

Even for a short journey, it is always preferable to use a club or café. Nevertheless, the cat is calm and reliable, you can always make an exception to the rule: the box can always sit on the knees of the passengers, but the dog club must be in a place that is always reachable.

If used, the dog club must be placed in such a way that even the sudden breaking, stopping or starting process will not fall. First of all, do not leave the cat in your baggage or in a vehicle that does not have adequate air circulation or in a vehicle that will not overheat the sun. If the journey takes a few hours, give him water and allow him to connect himself whenever nature seeks. It is better to feed him too much before leaving, which can lead to car dysfunction. Some keds are subject to this, so it is always wise to talk to your veterinarian; it will prescribe a drug that nourishes loyalty and does not cause drowsiness. If your cat is really irritated, uncomfortable or uncomfortable, but not vomit, your cat will need a sedative.

By train or bus

Train and bus companies usually do not accept kennels unless there are kennels. Nevertheless, certain things allow passengers to put their cats on their carcasses. The fees are generally consulted at the minimum level, before the companies are paid in advance.


are allowed to stay in their cabin if they remain in the club for light keds (slightly more than 10 pounds) from 5 kilograms. However, each airline has its own rules and can not pass a certain number of animals allowed on board. You need to plan to secure yourself to a point on the ship. Kargoda travels to kennels, which can be booked or bought from the cat 's airway. The cargo is heated and pressurized so that your cat will move in good condition. Yet, without your master's presence, he slowly suffers. In this case, it is better to give him sedatives to ease his pain.

Check with your airline for fees included in the ticket price.


Vessels are generally not well equipped for animal transport. Usually the animals walked around in the cages. On some boats, animals are tolled in cabins. For a small sea voyage, for example by ferries, you can usually use a portable club. Once again, there are no rules, it is best to consult the company. Typically, there is the added bonus of taking a boat instead of the others. Your cat will walk on the deck with his master. However, the discomfort is a longer journey and seasickness that most cattle are late.

Foreign Travel

Before taking your cat to a foreign country, you need to know what vaccinations and documents are requested by the country, whether Rome, Vienna or Athens.

It is nice to know that Air France has a database of information that reflects the formalities that must be observed in every country. Otherwise, you can consult the embassy or consulate of the country concerned.

Often your cat will need to have a new health certificate issued by a qualified veterinarian. Certain documents may also be necessary to prove that your kitten does not have rabies.