Travel Tips – Packing Light for a Carefree Trip

Travel advice in travel books and travel websites often recommends "packing" passengers. In my experience, the sources of this travel information do not go far enough. If you are a budget traveler, you are unlikely to rely on hotel captains, taxi drivers, or any other person paid to drag your baggage. It is more likely that you are drifting from the airport to the metro systems, to the buses and airport services, and to the city streets.

It can not be overemphasized that carrying too much weight can make a lot of difference. a fantastic, exciting travel experience and a tiring experience that you can not expect to end. If your baggage is heavy, you will pay more attention to the idea that you will not be able to spend your baggage on the street again, because it will be over the scenes and voices of these exotic places. My years of traveling around Europe have taught me many things, especially by plane, train, bus, subway system and on foot. Lighten your luggage, lighten your heart.

The travel light does not mean lifting traditional suitcases. Suitcases add extra weight to them and the suitcases are difficult to transport. I understand that I hold a large object from the handle, the weight hanging from the tip of the collar is the fastest way to a shoulder and back scarf. The travel light does not mean that a suitcase with its small wheels at the bottom is pulled out. Spend a few moments seeing what tourists are trying to keep under control of this kind of unstable luggage, seeing that they have jumped to one side and understood what I mean.

The light of the journey does not mean that there is an explosion of extreme size. or back stitches. If you do not plan to do serious wild hiking and camping roughly, you will have zero access to the shops, forget the overloaded backpack. When you have shops in every corner where you can eat everything you need, you should have a heavy backpack throughout London 's cousins.

Well, what are budget holders and how they can carry it? My recommendation is that you are carrying a small daily pack style backpack. If you think before you pack, and you make sensible decisions about what you can really do and what you can do, and when you arrive, what you need to get to your destination depends on what you can get easily.

For example, if you regularly use a prescription medication, you will obviously have to have enough resources on hand. Carry a spare and keep it on top so you do not need panic if your package is absorbed by the thief. Make sure you carry the prescription, so if you are stopped by a customs or security officer, you can prove that you are really carrying a prescription drug. In a country where you do not have your own medicine, when you need to show it to the pharmacy, doctor or customs office, it is better if you have a prescription that carries not only the commercial name of the medicine but also the chemical name. not spoken.

If you are traveling in a tropical, tropical place, carry a bottle of sunscreen – but buy a bottle that you will need for the entire journey. Do not load yourself with a jumbo-sized container, two thirds will still be on your return journey. As a rule for all kinds of toiletries, carry small tubes, bottles and boxes that are sufficient for your travel (or purchase on arrival). Eventually you will not be dragged around the weight you drag your back on, or you will end up with a bottle of sun-cream that can only boast to the neighbors on the drug cabinet for Tahiti.

two people traveling together, whether they are part of a family or friends who share a life's adventure, just take some toiletries between us. Of course carry separate toothbrushes, but pack only one of the items like deodorant and soap and then share them. Half the weight of your toilet will be lifted just by carrying two kinds of things, and believe me, such objects will really contribute to the size and weight of your trunk.

Ask yourself what you can live without extras like yourself. cosmetics, perfumes and jewelery. Combined mass and weight can be added quickly. Try a more natural look during your trip. It saves daily and time as well as reducing the daily strain on your arm and back muscles. As an added bonus, if you look less stylish and flashy, it is less likely to be the target of an accountant.

Forget electrical appliances and electronic devices. You can live without a hair dryer or electric shaver and you can protect not only the weight of these devices, but also the additional adapter charge that adapts to overseas electrical outlets and electrical currents. Instead, carry a light, compact plastic razor or just let your beard grow. Then you can decide if it's right for you and decide to continue! If you plan on flying, do not try to use razor blades or manicure scissors. Airplanes are no longer allowed, but must be purchased locally if necessary and then thrown out properly before going home. I always find it practical to carry a small stitching kit for emergency repairs, but that does not mean a kit full of colored thread rollers. One needle plus a small amount of pale yarn and one in a small bag of dark yarn.

Keep clothes at an absolute minimum. Stay faithful to a basic, comfortable, comfortable, and easy-to-wear base. Support with a few extra light tops and several pairs of socks and underwear that can be washed repeatedly in hotel rooms several times. For cool evenings and a thin plastic raincoat poncho, a single sweater or sweatshirt should be set.

There are additional advantages that you will soon appreciate by sticking to a small backpack per person. You never have to check your bag at the airport and risk being lost, you do not have to load and unload at airport or train station cars, and you do not count your bags to make sure nothing is going wrong. accessible. Each one will only be less like wealthy tourists, carrying a backpack, and on that occasion you are less likely to be targeted by a pickpocket or bag thief when moving around city streets and underground systems. Travel lightly and you can give your muscles more energy and a bigger appetite to really experience the amazing places you visit, with less stress. You will love traveling lights and traveling more.