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.com, .net, .org, .biz, .edu, .info, .int, .gov, .mobi, .aero. For many skeptical internet surfers, this is no bigger than the extension name of the websites they visit. These three letters, which come from a period or from a point, do not realize that the internet is a big function in the web world.

The top level domain, or the last part of an Internet domain name, functions as a non-measurable virtual invisible fence. Wide area of ‚Äč‚Äčinternet. They show classification and stratification. Top-level domains tell us about the website we're about to visit. .com is for commercial sites that anyone can visit and register. .we are for businesses. It is for EDU educational institutions (mostly schools, colleges and universities) and .gov government agencies and institutions. Each top-level domain corresponds to a particular association or classification during the attempt to organize organizations that are as impossible as the Internet.

One of the latest additions to the list of approved top-level domains. travel zone In May 2005, a high-level domain thought for the travel industry emerged when the Internet Assigned Names and Numbers Authority (ICANN) approved a proposed contract by Tralliance to carry out management of a top-level domain. developing travel industry. Tralliance is a company that develops products and services to increase the efficiency and ease of e-commerce for the global travel and tourism industry. Head office in New York.

In January 2006, .Travel record was officially launched. Tralliance implements two-pronged initialization in the registry for a .travel domain. First, the .travel top-level domain name will be given to applicants who are unacceptable as evidenced by authentication from independent external parties, including only travel industry associations. The eligibility of an applicant will be checked and assessed according to the award given to the Traliiance and will be subject to annual updating. In other words, the Travel Partnership Company has made certain restrictions on the selection of domains for which the rights of applicants may be used. These general policies .Travel is designed to ensure that the management of the top level domain only upgrades or strengthens the industry identity and brand, as well as having the tested suitability.

Tralliance has the vision to make a trip. The top-level domain is an online community based on fair and fair politics for the travel and tourism industry. Tralliance is planning to expand and expand this community by continuously recruiting members for the Travel Partnership Co-operation. Tralliance promises and promises to run broad-based programs that will have the participation of the online travel and tourism community.

Tralliance, still young in the management of a senior top-level domain, made significant strides in building his dreams. Coordinated, systematic online travel and tourism community.

From Tralliance 's recent reports, there are 140 travel trade associations participating in Travel Partnership Cooperation. These travel associations are from nine industrial sectors and 73 countries. In addition, more than 60 travel associations are currently actively participating in the authentication scheme identified by Tralliance for Travel. These 60 travel associations are willing to consider, authenticate and recommend for the approval of .Travel entries from many applicants. Applicants have also been informed that they have access to this authentication scheme.

Tralliance has made a good connection with the United States and Canada. The US Department of Commerce has worked with .travel record. This move is in honor of the National Tourism Week, which is focused on protecting America 's tough states, cities and tourism institutions by registering .travel internet domain names for tourism assets. The US Chamber of Commerce also opened lines for dialogue with Tralliance, replacing the social welfare program in every international area. Canada 's Tourism Commission has stepped up a new model for target marketing. This is done by registering hundreds of .travel domain names for the states, cities and other places frequently visited.

The Indian Ministry of Tourism, the European Parliament (an association of all trade chambers of Europe) and nearly a hundred Middle Eastern and African tourism leaders have also attempted to pump the travel and tourism industry through.

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